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Gegard Mousasi, Yoel Romero, and Ronaldo Souza are all waiting in UFC middleweight purgatory for King Bisping. Georges St-Pierre dropped down from the sky like an MMA superhero and immediately got a title shot. Regardless of who wins, the belt most likely won't be contended by any of those three fighters, especially with another legend like Anderson Silva in the picture. So, what is a top-five middleweight to do? Well, Mousasi called out whoever is the light heavyweight champion will be after this weekend's UFC 210.

“I can’t sit and wait. Yoel Romero is next and they’re making the GSP fight, so they’ll probably give me another fight after. But that’s the problem is that I have to put everything on the line again to get a title shot," Gegard Mousasi said to Sports Betting Dime. "I don’t know, I guess it’s just business. I am focused on this fight, but if I win and they want to give me a light heavyweight title fight, I’m open to that.”

"Some people get title shots like it’s a gift, some people have to take the longer and more difficult road. Let them make a different money fight. Let GSP fight Anderson Silva. Why should he fight for a belt? He hasn’t fought in the middleweight division ever. He hasn’t fought for four years so let him fight someone else. Jon Jones went through a very difficult time but he beat all the number one contenders."

You may remember Mousasi attempting to save after it fell apart, but ending up fighting Anderson Silva in a non-title fight. It looks like with the current state of the middleweight division, Mousasi once again is looking for the closest path to a title. Think about it, if Georges St-Pierre actually beats Michael Bisping, he's not going to stick around and defend that title unless it's the long-hyped superfight with Anderson Silva.

In a recent contribution to the Champions section, Bisping explained how there is little risk involved for smaller fighters going up in weight, even saying that he'd take a fight with Cormier if the GSP matchup falls through. is a former DREAM and Strikeforce light heavyweight champion, keeping his options open in his golden division may just be his best chance at self-preservation.

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