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The once-stoic figure of Gegard Mousasi has always been mysterious to MMA fans. He's a riddle, wrapped in a Fedor sweater, that surrounds — a Diaz? At some point, the soft-spoken Mousasi decided he has no more f-cks to give. He was out of them. Maybe they were even banned from entering back into the United States by Donald Trump. For the past year, Mousasi has flipped birds, said more profanities than any mere man can count, and decided he wants to fight for the light heavyweight title. He's changed, maybe for the better. He's a man unhinged now, and you know what? We love it.

Stockton Salute at UFC London

Whether it was the Urijah Hall kick to his brain that changed Mousasi's personality, or if he finally just decided to be himself, his victory over Thales Leites at UFC London is when the moose got loose. The crowd booed his "boring" cerebral approach, so he went full Diaz on them. Those in attendance probably didn't appreciate it too much, but adoration was sparked in many fan's eyes watching at home. Mousasi could have just spray-painted 'nWo' on the canvas that night because the heel turn was complete.

You're All on Steroids

"The guy was f-cking greased up and he looked like a 15-year old boy when I fought him. Obviously, it was in Brazil. He was so f-cking slippery. People now still are gonna' say I'm a bad loser, but the guy didn't look normal for a f-cking 38-year old and greased up all the way. Once he sweat, he was very greasy. Even Luke Rockhold said that he was greased up when they fought him. So, he's a cheater. What can I say? F-ck him." — Gegard Mousasi on Lyoto Machida.

Greasing, steroids, dropping the F-bomb — Is Mousasi the Armenian Diaz brother?! While we can't speak to his marijuana consumption, Mousasi seems to be checking almost every box on the Nick Diaz survey sheet. After all, he does fight out of Leiden, Netherlands which is less than an hour away from Amsterdam. All he needs to do now is to pull off a Stockton slap, although that's hard if his hand keeps slipping. Get it? From all the grease?

Facebook Roast Session

We advise you to watch the above video at your own risk. This was an official UFC Facebook live fan Q&A that had to be removed because Mousasi decided to just spit fire at trolls the whole time. Instead of just ignoring the horrible comments some MMA fans say in these things, Mousasi knocked each and every one out the park with his own filth. Chances are there is something in this video that would offend pretty much anyobdy who listens to it.

Conor McGregor Knife Fight

"That ginger-headed f-ck is retarded. He texted me on Twitter. I said, 'what are you going to do with your 50 kilos?' He was like, 'a knife is lighter than a pound, it can cut ear-to-ear,' whatever the f-ck he was writing. That guy is a bum. He's a 60 kilos guy, what the f-ck he's gonna' do? If it's face-to-face he's not gonna' say that, but Twitter gives some people courage." — Gegard Mousasi on Conor McGregor threatening him with a knife.

Conor McGregor has tried to fight basically anyone within three divisions of himself, but this is just bonkers. While we just have to take 's word for it, he claims that the "champ champ" slid into his DMs saying that he would cut him. After reminiscing about that, how does anyone in the world still want to see McGregor box Floyd Mayweather? Mousasi and McGregor sword fighting sounds infinitely more compelling. We're kidding, obviously we don't anyone to be maimed or killed. Maybe they can just play Bushido Blade on the Playstation.

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