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Ah, the daily grind. The ol' nine-to-five. We're talking doughnuts, coffee, and the totem of workplace culture: The water cooler. It's the epicenter of the office and where all work and non-work information is discussed. As MMA continues to pervade our society, it was only inevitable that more of your co-workers would start talking about the UFC. Your favorite niche sport has invaded your job, and there's no turning back now.

UFC 210: Water Cooler Talk

It's guaranteed that one guy in the office will be talking about the pair of Schrödinger knees that landed on . You know, those knees that were both legal and not legal depending on your observation of them? If you want to procrastinate balancing those spreadsheets or kill a couple of extra minutes walking back from lunch, just find that dude and agree with everything he says. Just make sure to keep it down, Tammy is actually trying to work and she has no problem reminding you.

Hide your contract, hide your MMA Gloves, because everybody is retiring around here! Just be careful talking about the latest UFC gossip with the office Conor McGregor fan. Much like the many fighters at UFC 210 who stole lines from McGregor in an attempt to market themselves, that one guy at work seems like he has a Conor quote quota that he checks off every day. Word is he's close to getting fired for constantly doing the strut everywhere. He's already been warned that it's a distraction.

Another thing that no one is going to be shutting up about is 's towel fiasco. He miraculously lost 1.2lbs in two minutes, while Jerry has been talking about getting in shape for the Summer since there was still snow on the ground and nothing has changed. Tamara already shut him down with the sick Cormier burn, but if he doesn't give it a rest she's going to tell the whole office about his secret McNugget drawer.

When talking about UFC in the workplace, it's important to know what is appropriate. Chances are high that Pearl Gonzalez's boobs are not an office appropriate conversational topic. Be respectful of your co-worker's safe space. Not only that, but Veronica isn't going to be impressed that you're 'totes down' with a women's right to augment her breasts. She doesn't even watch the UFC, Todd. She told you this last week.

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