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The UFC's conference calls are usually tense performances of fighters trying to chip away at their opponent's mindset. When cerebral battles aren't being fought over the telephone, some fighters just say outlandish insults. The call between Jose Aldo and Max Holloway played out different. The two were separated, their statements left to stand on their own. Which was perfect for Holloway, who eyes to single himself out in a pack that was dominated for a decade with the exception of one, single usurper with a deadly left hand.

Jose Aldo

The crown of has only been tarnished once in the UFC by Conor McGregor. Some fans still write his devastating loss off as a fluke, a 'he got caught' moment, a forgivable moment forgotten due to Aldo's incomparable dominance. Coming back and dominating Frankie Edgar afterwards certainly helped. He was even given back his title. However, fractured like pieces of Horcrux in Harry Potter, Holloway was given his (well deserved) interim featherweight title. They'll fight to unify at UFC 212, but Aldo is back to having his invincible mindset and looks to move up to lightweight after becoming an undisputed champion again.

Max Holloway

While Aldo looks ahead for even greater challenges at higher weights, finally has fought up UFC's seemingly insurmountable Mortal Kombat challenge tower to finally get his shot at fulfilling his destiny. There hasn't been a streak like his in the featherweight division since, well, since Jose Aldo. He already knows he's the greatest, a point he'll try and prove in a situation we've seen time and time again on June 3rd. Can Holloway unify the title and take Aldo's place, contending endlessly against Chad Mendes and Frankie Edgar at the top of the division? Those are the only two fighters Holloway hasn't beat in the top six. That is, besides Korean Zombie and Conor McGregor.

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