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This is what MMA is all about. Sure, Conor McGregor cursed and sniped his way through two divisions using Super Mario warp whistles, leaving both weight classes lost in limbo. Slowly but surely, things have moved on. Max Holloway left a pile of impossibly tough bodies behind him to finally reach Jose Aldo, the (nearly) perfect featherweight deity. While both of them have losses to McGregor on their records, this is as true of an undisputed 145lbs title fight the UFC could have made.

Both fighters started out tentative, until Aldo left off a startling barrage on the Hawaiian's dome halfway through the first. After Holloway got comfortable though, he started landing and somehow put a giant knot on the side of Aldo's head. He even Stockton slapped him. Has Holloway been training with the Diaz brothers?

Halfway through the third round, Holloway knocked Aldo down and swarmed him. He kept him down on the ground and hit him 158 times. That's not the exact number, but there's so much adrenaline pumping that there has to be some amount of hyperbole expected. Big John McCarthy gave more chances than Mario Yamasaki, but finally he had to stop the fight. will enjoy his amazing victory at the top of the division, as Frankie Edgar is somewhere licking his lips at the change to become a two-division champion.

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