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Itching to know how things got to where they are in the Los Angeles of the future—and what's become of replicant-killing cop Rick Deckard—in the upcoming Denis Villeneuve movie Blade Runner 2049? Have no fear: Insights are here in a new short film directed by Luke Scott that sheds some light on the subject ... though the circumstances remain ambiguous in typical Blade Runner-universe fashion.

According to Collider, the City of Angels-set short takes place in 2036, 17 years after the events in Ridley Scott's masterful Blade Runner occurred and more than a decade before the proceedings in Villeneuve's opus. In the teaser, titled 2036: Nexus Dawn, a mysterious entrepreneur named Niander Wallace (portrayed with sufficient menace by Jared Leto) showcases his new collection of all-too-human-but-still-synthetic replicants, who now have the power to feel pain but are able to be controlled at will by their owners ... unlike the Nexus 6 versions that dominated the mayhem in the first picture.

Still, Blade Runner fans—no strangers to theories about the film and its characters (it still has not been determined whether Deckard himself is a replicant)—may find themselves hungering for more substantial content after viewing the hazy scenario in this new cinematic teaser. And the authoritarian panel grilling Wallace in the short offers little clarity as to what is happening.

Curious? Have a look at the short here and see if any more information can be gleaned.

In this film, Wallace alludes to an affliction he is suffering from, and his eyes are glossed over, though it can't be determined at this moment if that is the result of artifice ... which might mark Leto's character as a replicant himself. That would certainly add a bit of zing to the conspiracy-like theories surrounding the Blade Runner universe, as well as suspense in the wake of expectations pertaining to Villeneuve's movie, which debuts in the United States on October 6. Assumedly, these questions will be answered then, though one never knows when it comes to this visually splendid, agonizingly obscure series.


Is 'Blade Runner' character Niander Wallace a replicant?

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