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For some people, Christmas is still in the air. So for those of you still celebrating, have fun and enjoy it with your family and friends. Now as for my second article, let's talk about how we communicate with each other. Most especially if we both have differing opinions.

Every person you've met or you're meeting or just someone you passed by is a totally different and unique person. Sure. You might have a lot of similarities with your friends, or your frenemies, but the two of you will never be the same.

However, when it comes to having a different opinion, especially now in the 21st century, it would seem like it is an offence if you have an unpopular opinion.

When it should have been a decent conversation, instead there will be an intense debate with a side of cursing. Sometimes it's me over you. Because my opinion is better, or the fact that I'm better.

It may not be the case. It maybe the case.


In life, we can be proud. And that's good. We should be. But too much of it would result in you having an imprenetrable ego.

It drives your will. And it drives your loved ones away too. But is there anything can we do to prevent this? It's quite simple really. No matter what you've accomplished in life, however tough you've gone through, you have to remain humble.

Being humble, whilst going through difficult times and overcoming it, can actually make other people respect you. Look highly of you.


Whenever we enjoy watching a video on Facebook or YouTube, you can't help but read the comments because you'd hope other people like it too or just wanted to see other people's reaction.

However, it is filled with hate comments and foul words swarming the comments section. Others would be in their natural habitat. Revealing themselves to be a true keyboard warrior.

Avoid them at all cost. Never ever interact with them. They will drag you into their place and turn you into one of them.


If the other person is wrong despite gunning their heads with a wide variety of facts, not theories, and still holding on to their opinions, then it's time to drop it.

Listen. People can be stubborn. I can be stubborn and you can be stubborn. However, sooner or later those people will know their wrong and they'll accept what you said earlier in a form of an unwelcoming flashbacks with an echo whether they like it or not.


You ever realise that nowadays, you have a short temper. Just lashing out as and when you like? Well I guess it's time for you do something about it buddy.

It can be done by playing your favourite sports or just learning a new one. Pick up a book. Or a graphic novel. Whichever you like. Sing or dance or both. You don't have to have be talented to perform at your own premises. Enjoy nature. Hike or use a bicycle. Witness the sun sets or when the sun rises. Interact with the plants or the animals. Talk with your loved ones. Eat together with your family and hang out with your friends.

Do something that helps you distress. Because it's important to release the negativity that's harbouring inside you.


Whatever it is, in life, it's your choice. Whatever you do, remember that you have a choice. If you're very angry, remember that you should never erupt. Never vent on a person. Or an animal. If you have to, vent it on a wall, to the sea or lake, to a non living things. You'd feel so much better.

If you don't change now, not only will you be affected, but so is your family and friends. And trust me, seeing your loved ones getting hurt because of you is the worst thing ever.

With the Christmas Spirit all around us, we ought to be a little more nicer with each other. But, let's not wait for any occasion to do that.

You see, it's an everyday thing.

Enjoy your Christmas week my dear friends. Til next time.

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