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I was getting heartburn with all of the yes-it's cancelled-no-it's not-cancelled rumors all through the last season of Constantine. When it was finally confirmed it was cancelled I was disappointed enough to not even watch the last episode I had recorded. I didn't want to torture myself with the cliffhanger I knew it would be. Matt Ryan did an awesome job bringing the comic version of the character to the screen, much more so than the Keanu Reeves version (though I liked the movie, too). The only problem I had with Matt Ryan's depiction was the seemingly Hollywood-wide proscription against cigarettes being depicted anywhere on screen. Sex, violence, language, drugs, alcohol, and various other picadillos of human existence are all right to show but for some reason having a chain-smoking Constantine is a no-no? It was the one thing they did capture very well in the movie version, even if they did climb up on their high moral horse by the end of the movie.

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