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...t or just did something else that wasn't Ghostbusters. I am so not going to see this movie it can go to hell I liked the first 2 movies and I can already say that this will suck heel I was right with every remake, reboot or Sequal I said will suck. Terminator Salvation, Genisys, Robocop 2014, The Amazing Spider-Man Movies, Predators, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 . I will see then and be like I was right it sucked Terminator Genisys was alright but when it was said and done it could have been better and Jurassic Work was alright but even that could have been better. CGI is a big problem for movies today but an all female Ghostbusters won't work because it is like saying Hilary Clinton will make a great present if her husband sucked ass how will she ever make a good first female president. I don't even like the women cast in this movie they are so boring so how can I give a female Ghostbusters movie a chance when I don't care too much for the Actresses in this movie.

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