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Coming this fall to a theater need you is the amazing world of gumball movie.

is the cartoon network show as you never seen it before.

Watch as all all you favorite characters from the show do cool things like:

Sings pop songs

Acts cute

Raps at a corner

Change some white retard's life

And be killed off like the side characters from alien 3.

All with guest star voices like:

Troy baker

Tara stong

Chris Pratt

Amy poehler

Christopher walker

Justin bieber

And Samuel l jackson.

But instead of seeing a movie in Imax 3d about a bule cat,a goldfish,a demon mama,a lazy fat wabbit,and a anoying know-it-all 4 year old we thought of something better like:

Neil Patrick Harris as a ad executive

Megan Fox as April o'Neil

Shia lebaouf from transformers

And they just about to ride in a they with channing tatum,Kristen schaal,That girl from the last of us,in their black bugatti with Thor in the back seat.

And soundtrack with music by:

Estelle,Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi,hey ocean,and bunch of music bands that not u.s

you know it will be good,cause it on ::dolphin noise::ing everything.

the amazing world of gumball movie.coming the same weekend as...

Michael bay's totally spies

Walt Disney's pantry and stocking.

Kevin hart's we bare bears.

Ripley Scott's Steven universe

James Cameron's uncharted

50 cent's Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

teen titans go!the movie

Maggie vs creppie:dawn of wickedness

m.night slamalamladingdong's gravity falls

and Batman 23: Dawn of the Age of the Return of the Revenge of the Rise of the batman vs superman and robin.

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