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The Tower of Babel story goes that one day the tower fell and everyone spoke different languages and couldn't understand one another.


My theory on that story is that the Tower of Babel was in fact a tower... a government or society tower governing over multiple countries and territories at the time. It was built for the sole purpose of keeping peace between countries and international treaties with other countries like the U.N. has done. I believe the tower had a multiple country structured building where delegates from all nations surrounding it met and worked to come up with and keep peace throughout the era.

When the cataclysm came and wiped out the surrounding territories and the tower, the society's structure was ruined and the people left from that destruction became nomads and refugees wandering the lands to find a new home. Some traveled east. Some traveled west. The environments slowly changed their human structure to fit it. Thus the Chinese, Arabs, Africans, & White colors came about... And this is also why there are so many humans in different countries at the same time the pyramids were made and why when Columbus discovered the Americas, he also discovered Native Americans already living in the continents....

I hope you enjoyed reading this theory of mine. Please comment below to either support this or debate it. - Theodious

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