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Alternate Universe where DC and Marvel collide. The leaders of both sides fought together long ago against evil until one of the team decided to take it upon themselves and take out an enemy by deadly force. Part of the team acknowledged that it was the only way to save the planet, while the other half condemned him. The team was divided with nothing to do but go their separate ways, teaming up here and there with their side of the team to take out criminals and tyrannical influences from other dimensions.

Barry Allen was always a science nerd for as long as anyone could remember. He loved school, science, and how things just went together. His favorite genre was mystery thrillers, where the bad guy would leave clues for the hero to find or discover and put the pieces together in order to find the culprit. Growing up, Barry had a fascination with the weather and how it all came together to form storms. One Christmas eve he and his dog Cisco were out for a walk, trying to get back home before the storm hit, when suddenly the wind picked up like a very strong wind gust came shooting past them. Just before he closed his eyes so dust wouldn't get in them, he thought he saw a flash of reddish light zoom past him. Cisco started barking violently as if there were something wrong.

Barry quickly looked around to make sure no one was trying to harm them. He and Cisco look at one another, Barry shrugs his shoulders, and they started walking back to his house. They reach the front yard, and once again a strong gust of what felt like thirty to forty mile per hour wind gusts almost blew him over and once again he thought he saw something red pass him, but this time something black was right behind it. He reached his door, opened it just as his mom was calling him in for supper. He glanced out the door for a second before closing it and going in to eat.

Fast forward twelve years and Barry is graduating college at the top of his class. His family and friends are at the graduation to congratulate his accomplishment. At that very moment on the other side of the US another person was graduating. She figured out that if she grabbed someone that had mutant or otherworldly powers, she could use those powers for a short time. Anna grew up in Kansas where her family owned and operated out of their farm raising cattle for the slaughterhouse companies. Her life was a simple one. Every day she would do her chores, go to school, do her homework, eat dinner, and finish up her chores before bed. Life was simple until one day, a meteor shower hit their farm and destroyed half their property and cattle.

She was out tending to the herds when the meteor shower hit. When all was said and done, her parents rushed out to make sure she was okay. She was luckily untouched except with a scrape or two from getting to cover under the hay feeders. Once everyone realized they were safe, they looked out in the field and saw what looked like a bus had hit their field. They walked over to it to investigate what had hit the ground so hard. Climbing the mound of dirt that rose up from the impact, they discovered what could only be a ship of some sort smoking from the impact with a small human child standing next to it.

Two months later, everyone in town was still trying to recover from the horrific meteor shower that destroyed half the town's businesses. The National Guard was even mobilized to help out with disaster relief. Meanwhile, The Kents were signing adoption paperwork on Clark, their new addition to the family. You see, Clark was no normal boy at all. He had the ability to rapidly age. Within a year, he was a teenager with some of the most amazing abilities the Kents and Anna had ever seen. He was also the second child the Kents adopted. You see, Anna was a runaway, with no parents known to her since her home was an orphanage. Martha Kent was on a grocery run when she found Anna in the alley way huddled in a corner trying to avoid the rain. As Martha always does, she invited her into their house for a meal and a bed.

One year later, and Anna now had parents and a home to live in. Back to the present and Clark was the age of an eighteen year old now. It had appeared that his aging had slowed down. He had all of the knowledge of his planet from memories implanted before he left Krypton. His education level was that of a post graduate in college. He loved his adopted parents and how much love they showed him and appreciated the guidance his father showed him. He and Anna got along great. They were inseparable. Both had reached the age that it was time to leave home and get out on their own. They discussed where they wanted to live and get a job and found out that they had different ideas on what was good for them.


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