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"So, Anna, are you excited for graduation? I hear there's going to be a special guest speaker. I bet you anything it's Lex Luthor. He's always the special guest speaker. So, have you decided on what city or where you are going to find a job? I hear they've got some really great IT jobs at LexCorp in Metropolis.", Clark casually talks as he's stuffing his face.

"Clark, haven't you just looked up at the sky and wondered if there's more than just Kansas out there to explore? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Kansas. Mom & dad have been the greatest parents I could ever ask for. It's just, I think I want more than just to live in this area and work for someone I despise. Lex Luthor has corrupted our governor and our senators over the past five years and I do not want to become corrupted with them. He's taken more than half this city's jobs away from the citizens of this town and given them to different countries. No, I think I want to live in Gotham or even New York. I read that the Avengers are looking for IT savvy people for their headquarters in New York and Bruce Wayne & his wife are also looking for people for their company in Gotham.", Anna says while reading the article about Bruce Wayne and his wife, Katrina Kyle.

"You gonna finish that? This food is on point tonight. I wonder what mom did differently. Anyways, so you want more options than just sticking around here with us hicks huh? Are you sure about this? I mean, I'm sure the pay there is a lot better, but I'm also sure that the cost of living is just as high, so you might break even at the end of the month. You know I support whatever decision you make, right? Come here sis, I'll help you look for a place.", as Clark grabs the laptop next to Anna.

Meanwhile in Gotham...

"Hey hon, did Alfred discuss setting up The babies rooms in one of the many empty bedrooms next to ours with you? It's almost that time. I'm seven months today. These two feel like they're sparring in there. Don't forget to grab milk, cheese, ice cream, mocha flavored, mint flavored, coconut flavored, green beans, peanut butter, marshmallows, and some beef jerky. Yeah, I think that's everything. That should last me about two days or so. Thank you hon.", Katrina says laughingly as she rubs her belly.

"Yes dear, we're setting the babies room up in a week. Alfred and I have everything picked out. He's been sending me photos all day to my HUD. That's my kids. I'm sure we'll have two brilliant, strong minded, and physically fit boy and girl. Have you thought about names yet? I like the name Robin for a girl. And for a boy, what about Jack? Okay, got the list. Didn't you forget something? Crackers and chocolate spread. You know, you are going to make me fat from all these sweets. I'll be home in about an hour. Love you.", Bruce says then laughs at Katrina's joke before hanging up.

"Alfred, we're a go. Let's get this mess cleaned up fast. Where's her hideout?", Bruce says as he don's his mask.

"Sir, might I remind you, that you've only got thirty five minutes to take care of this 'delivery', get to the store, buy everything, and be home on time.", Alfred says in his responsible voice.

"Alfred, what's Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley's home address?", as Batman jumps into the bat mobile.


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