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Starting in your 20s, everyone expects you to live a cookie cutter life. I think I ate the dough.

For those still living on planet Earth and the internet, you probably know how Breath of the Wild is amazing. Since everyone is going through a bit of Zelda fever, we decided to look at gamers through the lens of everyone's favorite male protagonist. And just because we love a good old Livejournal quiz from our high school years.

Instead of assigning you a character, I thought a much better thing to do would be to use the concept creatively and assign a "type" to ourselves, with the character acting as a representation.

I've decided to divide gamers into four main categories.

Green Link - The Leader

Green Links tend to lean towards being social gamers. Greens tend to enjoy working in teams, whether it be co-op or team based multiplayer, and are likely to try to convince their friends to play a game they've enjoyed. Green Links are well rounded in their interests, and they can find enjoyment in a game's story, or can forgive a lackluster plot for stellar gameplay, as long as the game excels in any one area. The most compelling reward for them is beating the game or, for multiplayer, working well with others.

Greens are straightforward, so they tend to enjoy action, adventure, less convoluted RPGs, or platformers, but they can really find enjoyment in anything. Greens may find particular enjoyment in MMOs or team based multiplayer due to the communal experience. Most likely to participate in an online community.

Blue Link - The Adventurer

Blue Link gamers are there for the experience, the story, the soundtrack, and the atmosphere. They tend to stop and smell the roses, explore every nook and cranny, and often enjoy searching for collectables or scanning through a game's compendium or codex. The most satisfying rewards for Blues are the journey and the memories.

Since Blues are more conceptual in nature, they don't tend to gravitate towards a specific genre. They can enjoy an RPG, puzzle, or action based game as long as the overall idea "clicks." They tend to gravitate towards single player experiences, not because they don't like playing with others, but because they frequently offer a more well crafted world and narrative. They tend to get into arguments with Reds, who frequently claim that story doesn't matter in games. Most likely to buy an artbook for a game.

Red Link - The Fighter

Red Links are the competitive type. They like playing games to win. Reds are all about hitboxes, high scores, and kill counts. They're there to be the best. Reds will often try to master a game - they want to do everything so that they stand on top. That platinum trophy is meant to be displayed on the internet. That speed run is meant to be shown to others to show them that they did something amazing. The most satisfying rewards for Red Links are overcoming difficulty or beating out others.

Red Links tend to gravitate towards multiplayer, such as fighters, MOBAs, or shooters. However, you'll also find the variant of Red who finds enjoyment in "hardcore" single player games, such as Dark Souls, which reward perseverance and gate out the more casual crowd. Reds can be more critical of a game's flaws and will let everyone know what is they don't like about a game. Story is not important for them - after all, gameplay is what matters in a game. Most likely to watch or participate in e-sports, or argue with Blues about the importance of story in a game.

Purple Link - The Aesthetician

Purples play games to feel good. They're similar to Reds in that they seek victory, but they do so for the material reward. There is nothing more satisfying to a Purple than getting a new piece of loot, a new skin, or a new gun. They are likely to buy all of the DLC for a game in order to "have more stuff." For Purple Links, a game must reward their pleasure circuit for it to be enjoyable. They need to receive a concrete reward for making substantial progress.

Purples also have another variant: the type who needs their experience to be optimal at all times. Framerate and graphics matter to them, enough so that if they aren't up to their standards, they're going to let you know. Having the latest and greatest gadgets to play games at 100% is important to them. They went out and bought a PS4 Pro, even if they already had a PS4. A Purple's greatest reward is getting more stuff.

Purples are likely to play loot-based games, such as MMOs or Diablo-likes, but can find enjoyment in many different titles as long as the game frequently rewards them for their progress. Purples tend to gravitate towards being PC gamers, as PCs offer them the best graphics and performance. Steam sales are their thing, because they love collecting games. Adding more to their collection - whether it be in-game, collecting the game, or with supplementary materials - is what they live for. Most likely to buy an Amiibo, or invest a substantial amount of money in a gaming PC.

As for Me, I'm as Blue as Can Be

Me? I'm a Blue Link, through and through - although I think there's a dash of Green in me as well. At the end of the day, I'm there for the atmosphere. I'll spend hours combing through a game's codex or debating its lore with others. Games have always been a conceptual "experience" to me, and I'll be the first to argue that—yes—games can be art. Despite that, I still want my game to be an enjoyable game, and bad gameplay will detract from the experience for me. My top five games of all time are:

  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Xenogears
  • Metal Gear Solid 2
  • Mega Man X
  • Suikoden

It's interesting how Mega Man X doesn't fit with the story experience, but I always did love the atmosphere in those games. The soundtrack alone might be reason enough to love it.

Which Link Are YOU?

Obviously, these types of sorting experiments are a bit reductive in nature, and very few people will completely fit into one archetype.

However, it is fun to think about which Link best represents what kind of gamer you are. Maybe you're Green with a dash of Purple, but that would still make Green your primary color. Maybe you identify with Red's single player side, but not their competitive side; that would still make you a Red Link. Think of it like the Harry Potter sorting ceremony - you can sometimes theoretically fit into all four houses (or Links, in this case), but it's really about which one you'd choose if you had to choose one.

Which do you identify with the most? To see what color correlates with what kind of games, what are your top five games of all time?

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