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The official Evil Dead 2 board game is in the final stretch on Kickstarter. All of us at Space Goat Productions are as amazed as anyone that it is nearly 700% funded and is currently a Top 10 campaign on all of Kickstarter. But why should you back it?

1) It’s Official.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of the official Evil Dead 2 board game. Space Goat Productions has been working with Studiocanal for months to bring this board game to market. Kickstarter is not just a tool to fund a project. It’s an enormous opportunity to promote a product and build a participatory community around a product or company brand. In short, we want more people to be aware of it. The more backers and funding we have, the more successful those efforts are.

2) More Funding = More Cool Stuff.

Yes, we are funded. At this writing, we are nearly 700% funded and have nearly 5,000 backers. It’s a lot. It’s enough to make us a Top 10 Kickstarter campaign. We are funded and the core game will go out to backers with a lot of upgrades that have been “unlocked” through stretch goals. More funding unlocks even more cool stuff--and more backers help drive costs down by increasing order volume. Thanks to the high level of funding, we’ve been able to offer signed cards by Rick Domeier, who played Evil Ed in the film.

We even got a cool box with his signature!
We even got a cool box with his signature!

We’ve been able to add more figures and upgrade the quality of the game tiles, cards, and even the plastic the figures are made from. And we were able to get our hands on some lumber from the ACTUAL MOVIE CABIN to offer a very limited edition of CABIN-CARVED DICE. In short, more money and more backers helps us offer even cooler things and to get even more eyeballs on the campaign.


Yes, we got our hands on actual wood from the actual Evil Dead 2 cabin. And we are making 750 LIMITED EDITION sets of dice sure to be infused with the Spirit of the Cabin. We really owe Mike Pasquale at the Evil Dead Woodshed for making this happen! At this writing, we have sold nearly half of them. This alone is a great reason to back the campaign—because those dice are AMAZING!

4) Not for Mass Market.

Although a version of the board game will be offered to hobby shops and the mass market in late 2017, what you get through this campaign is so much more. The deluxe version with all the add-ons and quality upgrades are unique to Space Goat Productions and only backers of the campaign will get them.

5) You Can Live FOREVER!

We are offering backers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be in a comic book or the board game. We are offering several tiers for backers to get their “likeness” in either an Evil Dead 2 comic book published by Space Goat Productions or as a figure in the actual game. Some tiers are already sold out, but there is still availability for a “cameo” inside a 2017-shipping comic book or as a Deadite figure in the actual game. You will be one of 9 in the Deadite Army that will attack players of the game for all of eternity. What’s the price of Evil Dead immortality? Check out the campaign and find out.

Your face could be here!
Your face could be here!

Hopefully these Top 5 reasons to will compel you to click through to our campaign page and check us out. We’d love you to join and share your enthusiasm with all your social media friends. You’ll find a great community of hardcore Evil Dead and board game fans waiting for you.

Back it here!


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