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A crazy rumor that's currently circulating has taken DC fans by surprise. This rumor alleges that renowned actor Jeff Bridges will portray Darkseid in the Justice League movies! The chatter first surfaced on Facebook in the past day, before spreading all over the internet, including to Reddit.

Although fan reaction has been positive thus far, there’s a high probability that the rumor is just that and nothing more than wishful fan casting. will certainly make an appearance in the upcoming films of the DCEU — however, it’s premature for DC to cast its main Big Bad, seeing as Darkseid will likely become a major player in the DC cinematic universe in the second movie, scheduled to be released on June 14, 2019. For that reason alone, we should probably take this rumor with a grain of salt.

However, if this is actually happening, it would be an inspired move on DC's behalf, seeing as is such a charismatic actor who's already enjoyed the superhero movie experience, having served as the main villain Obadiah Stane in Iron Man. So he seems like the perfect choice for the Darkseid role!

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So Who Is Darkseid?

Darkseid was created by Jack Kirby and first appeared in November 1970 in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, Issue 134. He is the tyrannical ruler of planet and his ultimate goal is to conquer the universe and eliminate all free will. Darkseid is considered to be one of the greatest threats in the DC Universe, attacking Earth on various occasions only to be stopped by the combined forces of the Justice League and the peaceful and just beings known as the New Gods. His deepest desire is to obtain the Anti-Life Equation, a formula which gives its user total control over the minds of sentient beings.

Throughout the years, Darkseid’s schemes have traumatized many superheroes, including his own son Orion, , and Big Barda. The omnipotent being even managed to kill in Final Crisis, depriving Gotham City of its watchful guardian. After the relaunch of The New 52, Darkseid officially became the first foe to face off against the Justice League, uniting the world’s greatest protectors against his alien threat. Although he was defeated and presumably killed off in the pages of Darkseid War, it’s safe to assume Darkseid will return, ready to cause even more chaos.

Justice League will be released to cinema November 17, 2017.


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