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Little feet begin to pitter-patter across the wood floors, as he takes his first few steps, placing one foot in front the other; holding on to any & every thing while he makes his first few strides, then slowly it winds down to one thing, and then soon--no support is needed. That's how quickly time flies! That's how instantaneous a child's milestones can be.

Now, my days are spent watching a 19-month old expand through his ways of processing information and entering the stage of what I call, "Monkey See, Monkey Do". No longer can you just do something and not expect imitation. While not necessarily a bad thing, I would prefer it to not ALWAYS be the case! Haha! Anyway, with time, I've noticed a bit of his strengths and weaknesses and am learning to apply his teachings accordingly. Boy, does he love to DO things! From building blocks, to turning them over, to drawing on any & EVERY thing, to ripping up paper/tissues, to pulling down things off the counters, to removing clothes from his drawers, to tossing everything-everywhere.....Mess mess MESS! But boys will be boys right?!

Some days, after a rough day of work, I long to just RELAX!! Who wouldn't? Who doesn't?? But hey, that's not the way it goes in the "world of Motherhood", right?! I've often wondered if it's just a struggle with boys. As a mother, I've learned that boys gravitate to you for MOST things. It's funny because I see how Kam is with his dad, and it's such an interesting dynamic! They play together, laugh together, annoy each other together, eat together, and do all the "guy activities". BUT, a day, minute, OR second doesn't go by that I'm not being pulled to comfort, nurture, feed (in most cases, especially in breastfeeding), cuddle, notice every accomplish (which is accompanied by constant claps/praises), soothe, etc. Granted, I LOVE IT and I wouldn't trade my role for anything in this world, but there are those moments when you reach a slight tilt towards insanity!

For instance:

You just cleaned up nicely and your toddler decides that things just aren't suppose to be that way, meaning: ANOTHER MESS AGAIN!

The terrible One's that comes before the "Terrible Two's", leaving you to wonder if you've been misplaced in front of the wrong child! Haha!


When you're E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D at around bedtime, but your toddler decides that they don't want to sleep until about 2 a.m. because life has handed them a new burst of energy!

When the word "No" is their first, second, and final response to everything you need to be done.

Those moments when you're trying to get a bit of work done on your laptop and your toddler has learned the solution to their problem with your lack of attention, meaning: press that POWER button!

The moment when your toddler learns to operate your phone and decides that they'd like to talk to "siri" over and over and over again (then wanting you to join in) and has a tantrum when it's taken away.

When your child gives you "that look" for discontinuing their "pleasurable moment" with the thing that should not be pleasured.

When you're in the store for NOT THAT LONG, but your toddler decides it's TOO LONG and starts getting fussy until you reach outside and then they're "Good again".

The moment your toddler is playing and having great independent time, so you decide to have a brief seat, which then signals them to gravitate towards you for more fun & adventure!

When you've spent the last 15 minutes reading about 2-3 bedtime stories and they decide they'd like yet ANOTHER ONE.

When they've found a "new skill" so they constantly close/open the doors throughout the house, removing the brooms and other things OR locking themselves in the room, only to respond by crying.

And the list goes on.......

Yet, despite the struggles within parenting, I must say that it has taught me a lot about myself, my little guy, and our dynamic. The moments that he holds my face or kisses me, or even brings me the normal clothing that I wear for bed, shows me just how much I'm loved. And that's just a short list of his small gestures. It's the little things that truly matter. And although parenting has no manual or no guidebook, it's a journey that will bring many lessons and love-filled moments. So my message to you is: just embrace these moments, good & bad! One day, they'll be all grown-up and we'll be wishing for a time-capsule so that we can do it all over again.

Juggling work, your dream, parenthood, a house, among other things, can all be a bit difficult at times, but hang in there! Let your minutes OR hours be filled with the hustle, the grind, creative ideas, tenacious strategies, but most importantly-don't forget that those cartooned theme songs, splish-splashed bathes, animated story times at night, messy days; all add greater value to life. Nothing that is suppose to be a blessing comes easy. In fact, at times it feels like it's the hardest. But know that there is someone out there who struggles with Motherhood OR parenthood just like you. Don't allow those insecure voices or even outside voices to keep you from doing what you know is right for you AND your child. Motherhood is not a perfect journey. Heck, parenting altogether is no perfect journey. You'll make tons of mistakes, best improvises, and greater sacrifices. But as long as you see that BIG smile on your little one's face, you know it's a job well done!

Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do.

Now, drink your cup of coffee or glass of wine and get back to re-cleaning that mess...Haha! CHEERS!

Xx♥, S.

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