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You've given your very best.

You've held fire in your hands and ran across the widest valley streams. You've walked through the hottest deserts and climbed up the tallest, most coldest mountains. You've paced yourself enough to not lose breathe, yet your body has fallen into the type of exhaustion that happens only when you've found yourself running a 30 mile race without much practice or strategy. Your heart cries out and your mind says it's had enough of it's constant thinking. Your hands have prepared many things and your eyes have searched in many different ways. Still--all you've found was just silenced ovation. No, thank you's. No, I appreciate you's. No, you've saved the day. No, I love you's that swim past the ocean's shoreline. No, you don't have to go out of your way. And no, let me help you..... Just silent ovations.

But there comes a time when you must sit in that silence and understand it's true meaning. Not everyone has your best interest. And not everything should be placed with great importance. Sometimes you have to let go of it. Sometimes you MUST let go of them. Silence is golden. Silence brings forth wisdom. So as your eyes wondrously gaze at the silenced figures that you've tried to help mold, dust off, shine, and rebuild; simply remember your own value. You're a [figure] too! Like them, you must be sure to mold, dust off, shine, and rebuild yourself. Don't rest in your bitterness. Don't drown in your anger. Don't sit in your regrets. Just look at the silenced ovation and stand in applause for yourself.

Xx♥, S.

"Never over-extend yourself until you've reached a place of being worn out."

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