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Often times we dream of being a success at the things we gravitate toward and see as our passion and/or purpose. For some, that "thing" may be one day owning their own restaurant or bakery. Or maybe having their own business in another area or field. Or creating a new brand or idea that might change the world. Or whatever else you could think of. Unfortunately, for some of us, we find ourselves stuck in a [gray area] of the very thing we love or push ourselves to go after. Now, you FINALLY muster up the courage to give that thing a try, just to later end up feeling "bittersweet" about your efforts. The frustration begins when you've reached a plateau that leaves you further than where you first started, but not quite close to where you're trying to go. So where do you go from here? What do you do in this gray area?

Have you ever felt this before? Has this feeling ever hit you like a ton of bricks, just to leave you questioning your vision and whether that vision is worth the unannounced "heartbreak" or turmoil?

That's the struggle of pursuing your dreams! Take it from me. I've been at this place. I'm currently at this place. But there's always something in you that'll remind you that you can't give up! You have to keep hustling! You have to keep going! There's no space left in you that will allow yourself to settle for the less you started from, so you have to keep trailing forward. That's my advice to both you and I! Because at some point you have to ask yourself....

"In what reality am I going to live in now? Who I was or Who I AM?"

It takes a lot of continued stride, but they always say, Nothing good ever comes easy. That's what I grew up hearing and now that I'm older, that's what I've grown up teaching. The [desire] has to be stronger than the frustration, insecurities, weak moments, fears, second guesses, and everything in between. So if you're reading this and like me, you've been fighting and knocking at your goal (OR dream) or just life itself, and you feel like giving in or simply turning back to the "ease of things" or your familiar; Please don't! Keep pushing forward. Keep at it. Keep writing. Keep practicing. Keep sewing. Keep drawing. Keep studying. Keep blogging. Keep crafting. Keep Mothering. Keep Fathering, Keep working. Keep Loving. Keep formulating. Keep building. Keep grinding. It'll all unfold soon enough. Rome was never built in a day and neither will your dream be. The greatest changes take time. And time may seem long during certain seasons, but just like the four seasons, when it's [time] the environment and everything in it will change.

You just have to know that what you're working towards will be. And by your knowing, it will be, and it will be done. So show gratitude in the process in the meantime. The process is inevitable. It's needed. For it's in the process that you learn. And those very lessons will sharpen your skills for the success that's ahead, ensuring that you not only reach your goal, but you remain steady in it.

No point in winning the battle just to lose the war.

So, to my fellow trailblazers, keep your head up! You're almost there. And in those realistic & humanistic moments where you feel a bit discouraged, burdened, hopeless, exhausted or torn, remind yourself why you started. Because it's in the WHY where your blessing lies.

I'm rooting for you! So serve yourself well and in turn you'll be able to serve others even better.

"Service simply means we embrace the possibility of living for more than ourselves."-Wes Moore's [The Work]

Xx♥, S.

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