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Who knew we wanted another Wolverine movie? Anyone?

Well, we did. And this week, 20th Century Fox has graced us with a second trailer for their upcoming chapter in the Wolverine saga, Logan. This installment will be the third in the Wolverine solo franchise and the tenth in the X-men film series. I didn't think a second trailer could be any juicer than the first, but let's take a look to see just how wrong I was.

'Laura' Might Be Our New Favorite

As the trailer opens, we get to see a bit of how the mysterious new mutant, Laura, operates. In a scene reminiscent of Eleven from Stranger Things, Laura walks through a gas station convenience store and smoothly picks up a can of Pringles, something to drink (could be a soda, could be a beer. What level of badass this kid is we just don't know), and a cute pair of shades. Still remaining smooth AF, she pops open the can of Pringles and goes to snacking, but the gas station attendant approaches her and lets her know that "you gotta pay for that". At first she tries to run out, but the attendant blocks her way snatching the items from her hand.

Laura. Ain't. Havin' it.

Before Poor-Defenseless-Attendant-Guy can think, Laura flips him onto the ground by his arm and goes to beat him senseless. Then, we see an all too familiar pair of scarred knuckles grab Laura by the arm. Wolverine (Logan) tells Little-Feisty-Pants that that kind of behavior is "NOT OKAY", then steals some cigars for himself on the way out. What did we do to deserve this pair?

From what we can gather in the opening, this trailer is all about the mysterious new mutant/Wolverine protegé, Laura. Although unnamed in both trailers, the official Instagram account for Logan released a photo of actress Dafne Keen captioned 'Laura'. And just for all of you super fans out there, she shares the same name of Wolverine clone, X23, who was first introduced in the animated series X-men: Evolution. Although still unconfirmed, her name and the fact that Little-Feisty-Pants has two knuckle claws and an unprecedented amount of pent up rage...I mean how dumb do you think we are?

The 2min 14sec long trailer features few words and more blood than we bargained for as Icelandic band Kaleo's new anthem Way Down We Go plays in the background. We find out that Laura is an X-men fan and collects X-men comics. This is also the first time we actually see the mutant hero group as icons within the films, which is pretty cool. We may not have the whole crew back for Logan, but we do get Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier for a consolation prize. In the trailer, we hear good 'ole Prof X say, "She needs our help" to which Logan responds, "Someone'll come along." Then, in the back of a battle ravaged car, Prof X replies, "Someone has come along."

So, Prof X is still fighting the good fight. Nothing new. But, in Logan we may see Wolverine connect with another mutant unlike he has ever before. Throughout the trailer, we can see that Laura is on the run from a mysterious, mercenary-enforced agency and who better to protect her than our dearly beloved Claws of Fury?

Although...does it look like she needs protecting?

Logan premiers March 3, 2017 and it seriously couldn't be any farther away.

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