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It's been nine years since a Crash Bandicoot game was released, but due to popular demand, everyone's favorite marsupial is set to make a return to our PlayStations in June. Now all we need is N. Tropy's Time Twister Machine to send us forward to the day of release!

When I was a kid, was a fun way to kill a few hours, though I didn't pay much attention to the story. Well, I did some digging and it turns out the Crash universe is deeper than I realized. So, here are seven N. Sane facts about the series that will blow your minds!

1. Crash Can Talk

While this first fact might seem underwhelming, the idea of a lovable idiot like Crash being able to talk might be difficult for some to get their heads around. The way the games portray Crash evidently don't do him justice, as it was later revealed in the Skylanders Academy TV series and in the — yes, there is an entire comic dedicated to him! — that crash can indeed talk.

At first glance he may seem like a fool, but when you consider the fact he can operate all kinds of weapons and machines, he's actually quite the polymath. Despite this reveal, I prefer the idea that he is mute.

2. Crash's Girlfriend Left Him

The ungrateful Tawna Bandicoot.
The ungrateful Tawna Bandicoot.

In the debut Bandicoot game, Crash spent all of his time trying to rescue Tawna from the clutches of the evil Doctor Neo Cortex. Then in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, she seemingly ceases to exist. So the burning question is, where did Tawna go?

Well, on 's old website, the creators confirmed that she had decided to leave Crash for Pinstripe, the gangster potoroo who tried to stop him from saving her in the first place. If this doesn't make you lose respect for Tawna, I don't know what will. Crash deserves better than that!

3. Cortex Turned His Niece Evil

Neo and Nina Cortex.
Neo and Nina Cortex.

Nina was very young when she first appeared in Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage. Since then she has developed into a fully realized character within the series, most notably in Crash Twinsanity. She does seem to be possessed of that evil Cortex gene, but is it really genetic?

There was the possibility that Nina could have been a normal girl had her Uncle Neo not ripped off her hands, replaced them with a bionic set, and sent her to Academy of Evil. When Cortex introduces Nina, he almost refers to her as his daughter, so essentially he might have caused his own daughter to turn evil. That's some deep stuff right there.

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4. Ripper Roo Is Smarter Than You!

He's crazy, but he's clever!
He's crazy, but he's clever!

He might be crazy, he might blow himself up when trying to destroy Crash, and he might possible be wrapped in a straight jacket, but don't underestimate this ludicrous lunatic, because Ripper Roo has a doctorate in political science. How he managed to obtain this education is a story unto itself. However, the important takeaway is that there are brains hidden beneath all that lunacy.

5. N. Brio Tried To Have Crash Assassinated

Hiring hit men?
Hiring hit men?

Cortex and Doctor Nitrus Brio have known each other for a long time, though not long enough to stop N. Brio betraying his former ally in Crash Bandicoot 2. While Crash was busy collecting the power crystals, foolishly trusting that Cortex wanted to build a space station for the good of mankind, N. Brio had a different idea.

He asked Crash to collect gems so that together they could destroy Cortex's space station and save the world. But when the manic marsupial continued to collect power crystals, N. Brio resorted to an alternative plan. He set about hiring the Komodo Brothers to assassinate the bandicoot before he managed to gather them all.

Obviously, we know how that turned out, with Crash managing to thwart both N. Brio and Cortex.

6. Cortex Might Have Murdered Dingodile

Killed By Doctor Cortex?
Killed By Doctor Cortex?

Apparently, in an unused line of dialogue from Crash Tag Team Racing, Doctor Cortex states:

"I made shoes out of Dingodile!"

This implies that he murdered the flame-throwing croc-man, though arguably this has been disproven, with Dingodile appearing in subsequent releases. Whether the evil doctor really has murdered is subject to your own interpretation of the canon. Could these further releases be set before Dingodile was killed?

7. Polar Turned To The Dark Side

Polar opposite.
Polar opposite.

Maybe it was because he got left behind when the team set about their time traveling adventure in Warped or it could have been because Crash kept riding him in Crash Bandicoot 2. Either way, Polar turned to the dark side by the time of Crash Twinsanity's release. The developers have confirmed that this was just a joke they added into the game, but looking at Polar's face, it doesn't look like a joke to him!

If Crash had taken better care of his pets, he could have avoided this dark turn of events.

Crash Bandicoot: The N. Sane Trilogy will be released on June 30! Pre-order it while you can!

Have you unearthed any other N.Sane Crash facts? Let us know in the comments below and check out the trailer for the trilogy.

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