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Batman has gone through an era of crazy crossovers that involve the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and — believe it or not — Elmer Fudd. Why not The Shadow? The '30s pulp detective is a far more natural team-up ally, as he was one of the main influences for the creation of Batman. This pairing is the focus of a new series from DC Comics and Dynamite, written by JLA scribe Steve Orlando and All-Star Batman's Scott Snyder and illustrated by Constantine’s Riley Rossmo. Unfortunately, the first issue underwhelms, and it remains to be seen if a more compelling comic lurks under the homage and grainy chiaroscuro.

In Batman/The Shadow #1, Batman dominates The Shadow. fans with a hankering for obscure elements of the Bat mythos will find a lot to like here, particularly the use of Matches Malone, an identity Bruce Wayne uses to infiltrate the underworld. Classic Batman characters Renee Montoya and Henri Ducard are also present. While Montoya plays the part of Jim Gordon at his most ineffectual, Ducard seems to be more important to the central premise.

This fan trailer imagines a film was created back in the mid-1990s, with both stars reprising their roles as Batman and The Shadow going up against each other to prove who is the darkest superhero to exist in the universe. Enjoy the trailer below and follow @StryderHD for more fan trailers and videos.

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