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Green lantern hal jordan has been.. a hell of a lot times teased on the arrow(soon to turn greener) and our favourite scarlet speedster flash. Here are my thoughts what i would wanna see happening on the show.

First of all i think green lantern would be great choice for dc to take their tv genre ahead, but i feel they should start it only after arrow has ended.why you ask! Obviously because of the the problem called overcrowding. I mean super girl ,flash, legends of tommorow.whoa thts too.much to handle folks.

And also having a show like legends of tomorrow,which is about space and time ..along with green lantern could be a gold mine for crossovers.

And i just hope they show us all our favourite characters from green lantern. After the disaster of the green lantern movie hope the creators know what not to do.but i loved the animated series of green was how i got hooked to green lantern corps. Whats your story.

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