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i joined the Navy in 2008 and got stoked when I found out I was being stationed in Everett, Wa. I immediately looked up Astoria, and realized it was only ancouple of hours away. We packed up on memorial day weekend and made the trip to Astoria! It was a little hard to find the house, but finally drove up to the driveway. We saw a sign that said: "No car access". Our 3 year old daughter was in sleeping, so, my wife stayed in the car with her while I walked up the driveway to see the house and take it all in. When I was done, went back to the car and gave her a chance to go up and see the house. Wonderful experience, and now a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME oportunity! We also saw the jail, the field, and cannon beach. And the bowling alley!

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