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How many of you have seen the movie The Duff? I went and watched yesterday and I have to tell you I found myself thinking back on my own time in high school. The fact is that at the end when she says that everyone is a Duff she isn’t wrong. There is always someone who is better at something than you are but that person might think your better at something than they are. I honestly thought that it was really a movie about accepting yourself for who you are.

I am in my twenties, love to watch anime, to write fanfiction and to read do those things make me weird to you? If so oh well. I know that people who are older than me look at me watching anime and see it as childish, it’s the same thing for writing fanfiction. I love my mom but she has asked me many times why I write fanfiction and what I get out of it. So let me tell you what I get out of writing stories about someone else’s characters, out of watching anime and out of reading.

I get to see different worlds when I read. I have been a wizard with Harry Potter, a Vampire with the Twilight series (books not movies), and I’ve traveled the universe with the Rowan and Pendragon adventures through Halla. I have also gone back in time to when the railroads were being built with the Ribbon’s west series. Been a Goddess in the Daughters of the Moon. Seen a world where people are genetically enhanced in the Uglies series. Lived in a giant underground cave in a post-apocalyptic world in the City of Ember.

Writing Fanfiction allows me to further explore the worlds of my favorite books, movies, games, anime’s, and myth’s whatever the case might be at the time. I have written stories with many different characters. I have a story online called what I wouldn’t give that is based on the characters from Digimon and Digimon 02. In the story Tai dies in an accident and later his spirit is pushed back to earth by Sam (kens brother) in order to help the other Digi-destined come to terms with life moving on. It deals with a lot of sadness and drama but also shows love. These are from the story please read it and think about what it shows:

Joe Kido sat staring out the window in his class room. Yes he was in school still. Medical school. His dream to become a doctor had been reinforced by loss of Tai two years earlier and now he was in his junior year.

Mimi pulled her long honey colored hair out of her eyes and pushed it behind her ears with a small sad smile. Her pink eyes gleamed with unshed tears as she leaned over and placed a rose on the grave of her late friend.

"God Tai we really miss you...” She placed her hand on the stone and its cold burned almost as much as the heat in a furnace would have. It broke her heart every time she came here but it was the closest she could get to her big brother. "Good bye for now." She got up with the help of T.K. who had put aside his usual hat the day of Tai's funeral and never again put it on.

Davis had placed Tai's googles in the casket with him. That was the last time they ever saw Davis cry. His mentor was gone and he no longer felt the need or the want to become better than him. He had stopped pushing himself and just tried to enjoy things again. It had led to him and Ken getting together about two months after Christmas.

I know it might seem strange that I would find writing things like this to be fun or in the case of this particular story to be helpful as it let me express feelings that were partially hidden even from myself. I lost two of my grandparents within a year of each other and that was hard to go through, true this story came to me later but it was after reflecting on that loss.

Own who you are, if you like horror okay, if you like romance okay, whatever you like don’t be ashamed or afraid to show it. That is what I took from the movie The Duff. Don’t let other people put you down just because you’re different than they are. Even knowing this sometimes it happens to the best of us that someone will hurt us by something they say even if it’s not meant that way, it is part of life but it doesn’t have to be the only part of life. Have fun, enjoy the days and do what you love because in the end if you aren’t happy with yourself it doesn’t matter.

I know I have days when I hate the world and I get depressed, again normal. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it, there is no shame in that.

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