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Watching carpool karaokes of James Corden finally proved to be useful. He recently featured broadway singers, them being Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jane Krakowski, Audra McDonald, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. The first song they sang was rap. And as someone who spends her entire time in Youtube watching Broadway musicals, it came as a surprise. Apparently, Broadway now has rap in its repertoire. The show? It's called Hamilton: The Musical.

What is Hamilton:The Musical?

Hamilton, is a musical created by Lin-Manuel Miranda about Alexander Hamilton and the history of America. It features America, its history through its founding fathers - the cast of the show comprised mostly with people of color playing the roles mentioned, and may also be the very first broadway musical to incorporate rap in its score sheets.

What has the musical achieved over time since its release?

Miranda, back in 2009, has already performed one the musical's songs in an event. Among countless others, it has bagged the best musical award in this year's Tony Awards.

What impact can this fresh take on history and broadway have on viewers, young and old alike?

Throughout the course of history, broadway has almost always been accessible to those could afford tickets (e.g. rich people). But with musicals like these, those that have substance and those that are more than the typical kinds of broadway musicals, one can view this as a Broadway's step to innovation. Incorporating rap music, hiphop music in the score into telling a tale such ad history, and casting different ethinicities may not be at all very much pleasant to one and all but it serves to encourage young ones, everyone to open up books, read, and most importantly, in encourages discussion. It serves as a reminder of their own history.

What are the most common reviews and issues on the musical?

A recent video, published on Youtube, featured "elders react to Hamilton:The Musical" and their responses hit it right on the head.

Regardless of whether you are an American or not, young or old, I think that this musical is a breakthrough indeed. Topping charts, and a widely anticipated tour starting next year (2017), from my point of view, this is one for the books.If it isn't there already .

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