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Hi, I'm Taylor, and I'm a horror addict. Find me at, @taylorterrible on Instagram, @taylorterriible on Twitter

In the world of horror, it takes a lot to shock us die-hard fans. After all, we've seen everything from creepy clowns taking the world by storm (), Donald Trump running for president, and of course, haunted houses where you can put yourself right in the middle of the horror. It is just about time for Halloween.

It's frustrating for those of us that feel that we've seen it all to sit back and continue to try to be shocked. Eventually, you just get bored. That's where our friends at CryptTV come in- they've taken to a new level, and have created something no other website has tried: a LIVE horror film.

CryptTV is telling the story of three fans who entered a contest to do a takeover of their Facebook page. What they don't know is that they'll be immersed in their worst nightmare, live, for the world to see.

This is the first time that a feature-length horror film has been streamed over Facebook Live, so if you had a chance to watch this while it was happening, you were a part of history! If you didn't get a chance to watch it as it streamed, that's okay...the internet is a great place that stores things for all of eternity, so here's a link to the magic - if you click this link, it's streaming live now! Use to show some love.

Until next time, ghosts and ghouls, stay spooky!

Taylor Terrible <3

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