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2008's Iron Man represented a simpler time for superhero films — Mickey Rourke wasn't flicking electrical cord, Sir Ben Kingsley wasn't punking us, and Pepper Potts still existed. Where the first Iron Man is normally universally praised as pretty good, it looks like at least one person isn't a fan — and that person was one of the stars.

Jeff Bridges recently stuck his hand into Tony Stark's arc reactor and tore it clean out, releasing a tirade of hate at the and saying he played a huge part in rewriting the script. It looks like Mr. Bridges seems none-too fond of his time on the first Tony Stark show.

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The Stark Truth

'Iron Man' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Iron Man' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

There is no denying that the Phase 1 films could be notoriously difficult to work on, with all directors trying to jump ship at least once. was pretty much Robert Downey Jr. carrying the film through improvisation, but Bridges's comments are little below the belt. He calls Jon Favreau's film a $200 million student film:

“I made a little adjustment in my head. That adjustment was – Jeff, just relax, you are in a $200 million student film, have fun, just relax.”

Bridges goes on to say that he had a much bigger part than just playing the big bald Obadiah, rewriting his lines just days before shooting:

"Iron Man — we read the script, and it wasn't really right, you know? We had two weeks' rehearsal, and we basically rewrote the script...And the day before we were going to shoot, we get a call from the Marvel guy, saying, 'Oh, no, no, no. None of this is right.' So we would muster in my trailer and rehearse while the guys were in the studio tapping their foot, saying, 'When are they going to come?' We were still trying to figure out the [scenes] we were going to shoot."

Does this mean we are meant to credit Iron Man to Jeff Bridges now?

A Stane On The Sheets

'Iron Man' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Iron Man' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

His role as the bullish Obadiah Stane is ranked as one of the studio's worst entries, and his boss battle isn't exactly memorable, so perhaps it is a case of sour grapes. His research for the film wasn't exactly taxing either, Bridges reportedly read the Obadiah passage in the bible, which was clearly a very laborious task as the shortest book — only 21 verses to be precise!

You have to hand it to Jeff though, he has that brooding villain look down, and he also has one of the MCU's greatest lines, who else can deliver "box of scraaaaaaps" with such gusto?

Bridges may be open to the idea of doing another superhero film, but with an attitude like that, don't expect Kevin Feige to come knocking on your trailer door anytime soon. However, I'm sure his words are just water off a duck's back as R.D.J flashes his ironically priced $200 million salary from the next Avengers films at Bridges — boom mic drop, Downey Jr. out.

Check out the trailer for the original Iron Man below to bask in its glory, and don't forget our poll below!


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