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First up, if you haven't seen the season finale of , stick a bag over your zombie head and shuffle into Alexandria, because you might want to turn back now.

As "All Out War" begins and lives were lost on both sides of the fence, 's director's chair delivered a heart-pumping sixteenth episode of Season 7 and raised the stakes moving forward. While there were yet more cliffhangers, at least take solace in the fact that we don't have to spend the summer guessing who was hit over the head with a baseball bat again. However, fans are still niggling at a few imperfections in the story, mainly, a rather large plot hole that can't be fixed by throwing a tiger at it.

Hole In One

[Credit: Image Comics]
[Credit: Image Comics]

I can think of several plot holes from the finale, such as why no one checked on Sasha during her coffin ride, or why no one shot that ombre haircut off Jadis's skull, meaning we have ANOTHER lame villain heading into Season 8.

However, perhaps the biggest plot hole comes from Ezekiel's feline friend Shiva and the finale's (second) biggest twist. As Shiva pounced into action to literally save the day, she wasted no time in getting her chops round the throats of Negan's forces.

Fans have rightly begun to question how Ezekiel's prized tiger knew who to attack when she valiantly roared to the rescue — the Saviors weren't exactly wearing "I'm a Savior" signs or Negan's latest perfume "Blood Bat." Even the most loyal of pets would struggle to tell the difference between good and bad when caught in a crossfire and an undead Sonequa Martin Green.

The Twitterverse soon threw out its own crazy theories on why only the Saviors seemed to become zombie chow, and while "they're great" (Frosties pun), many were still unsatisfied with the response:

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By Royal Decree

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

Don't worry though, the King himself has taken time out from ruling his Kingdom to answer your ponderings. Khary Payton, who plays our dreadlocked ruler, took to Twitter to solve the riddle in the most Ezekiel way possible:

While there is still no concept art for such a quick retort, Payton's witty response has been retweeted over 2,000 times and prompted Josh McDermitt (Eugene) to respond in the most Eugene way possible: just with a "LOL."

While Ezekiel's brief tenure this season has already launched him up to fan-favorite status, avid viewers of 's apocalypse will know that is a dangerous position to find yourself in. As we move into the show's eighth season and it certainly looks like showrunner has no plans on slowing down, could this spell trouble for Ezekiel and Shiva?

Alexandria may have secured a small victory against the Saviors, but with Negan rallying his army and with the Junkyard Kids now against Rick too, it looks like Alexandria, the Kingdom, the Hilltop, and even Oceanside should prepare for some major losses. Enjoy a zombie-free summer and tune in in October to play "Who Dies Next?"

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