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With the snow having fallen on Game of Thrones Season 7, fans of HBO's fiery fantasy have quite the wait until the show wraps its ending in 2019. However, with two years to trawl the internet and concoct our own Mad King theories, there is more than enough time to look into the flames and guess what is coming next.

Amidst all throat-slashing, spit-roasting, and poison-sipping of Season 7, there was at least some good news (I guess) of life for Cersei and Jaime Lannister. The Queen of the Seven Kingdoms may be with child, but it will undoubtedly be a case of nobody puts Cersei and baby in a corner. How do you really think that is going to pan out when comes to an end in Season 8?

Left Out In The Cold

Given that we can assume something is about to go majorly wrong with that Lannister bun in the oven, it will take more than Hot Pie's baking skills to save this bouncing bundle of satanic joy. Many expect Cersei to lose her sprog in childbirth, but yawn, how cliche. In fitting with the whole "ice and fire" element of the show, could it be the approaching march of the Night King that brings tragedy to the storyline?

Cersei is known for cutting deals with unscrupulous blaggards or double-crossing her enemies, so offering a blood sacrifice of her own child to the Night King may help her to stave off winter and keep her slippery grip on the realm. You have to assume that the Night King will eventually make his way to the Iron Throne room — giving us that dismal Daenerys prophecy we have seen — but that doesn't mean Cersei can't be there by his side. I'm not saying she'd marry the undead usurper, however, Cersei giving over her baby as White Walker fodder is one surefire way to curry favor with that frozen fiend.

Looking back on the show, it isn't even the first time we have seen such a dastardly deed done. Heading back to Season 3 of the show, Jeor Mormont led his band of Night's Watchmen beyond the Wall and into the frozen wasteland of direwolves and deaddos to Craster's Keep. Balding bastard Craster was known to leave his newborn sons out in the elements as payment to the White Walkers for leaving him and his daughters in peace. The offering worked pretty damn well for that patriarchal pig Craster, so why would the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms be any different?

The show has a complicated history with sacrifices and children — as Shireen showed us — but what better way to round off the Lannister lineage than by turning Cersei into the ultimate villain in one shrewd move? Now that Cersei's twincest brother Jaime has hightailed it North, the maleficent mourner is rather alone in the capital and presumably set on staying alive as long as possible. For seven years we have seen the smizing schemer put her family first, but when the family are all gone, who is left to look after? Numero uno!

Everyone knows that Cersei will do anything to get away from the prophecy of Maggy the Frog, but is offering your own newborn baby as a frozen treat a step too far, even for the Lannister lioness? With a two-year wait until we find out, let's park this one on "ice" for now.

Check out the Night King taking Craster's last son and don't forget our poll below:


What will happen to Cersei's baby

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