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"Hey bub, what are you looking at?" Well, if you are a movie studio as big as 20th Century Fox, chances are you will be looking at the impressive takings of the X-Men franchise and thinking how to keep that golden goose laying its eggs for the foreseeable future.

I'm no hotshot Hollywood exec, but one way to cash in on the hype would be to give fans another taste of that metallic menace . It has only been a matter of months since put away those adamantium claws for good, but is Fox already limbering up for someone new to slip on that black and yellow lycra?

Clawing At The Competition

Everyone knows that no person is ever indispensable, but Jackman's legacy as Logan did a pretty good job of trying. There was always going to be a time that someone would replace the acting Aussie, and while the studio doesn't give a timeframe on when that could be, Fox CEO Stacey Snider told Vanity Fair that "anything's possible" when it comes to a Wolverine reboot.

Instead of a flat out "no," or "we're biding our time," Snider's comments certainly allude to the Fox bigwigs planning another Weapon X outing sooner rather than later. While James Mangold's was a near-perfect swansong to the Jackman era, everyone knew it wasn't the end for the clawed Canadian. Even with Mangold giving a definitive end to the character we have come to adore over the past 17 years, it was never going to bury James Howlett for long.

If you look at other screen icons like James Bond and Batman, no one has carte blanche over a role, and just imagine the shock when Warner Bros. unveils its Harry Potter remakes within the next decade and Daniel Radcliffe won't be the kid with the specs. However, the news that another Wolverine could be waiting in the wings should come as no big surprise, as even Jackman himself is happy to walk off into the sunset to puff a cigar without those adamantium appendages.

Fox is already moving ahead with , , and , but it is a crying shame that not a single movie on the X-Men horizon will have the wisecracking sarcasm of Wolverine among its ranks. However, let's not simply forget what Jackman did for Wolverine. Although the character was already one of the most popular X-Men thanks to his 43-year tenure in the comics, there is no doubt that Jackman's hulking hardman brought Wolverine to a whole new generation of fans.

We've already heard how First Class director Matthew Vaughn had planned on bringing a younger Wolverine to our screens, so the plans are certainly in place. While the clock is ticking on who will replace Jackman, they are some mighty big boots to fill and Fox will have to handle any casting with a set of kid claws — that being said, we may only just be "scratching" the surface of Logan.

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(Source: Vanity Fair)

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