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It looks like Mr. DNA has been hard at work again, because all of Hollywood is waiting for a film that has been 65 million (and 25) years in the making. It is time to look back before we head forward while we prepare ourselves for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Colin Trevorrow memorably brought the dinos snapping at the heels of the box office once again with Jurassic World in 2015, but it could've been a very different story.

While the first three movies had us running for the porta potty thanks to T-Rexes and Velociraptors, Jurassic World gave us an even more dangerous toy to play with thanks to the Indominus Rex. While the design that made it into the fourth Jurassic movie was terrifying enough, you can now get a closer look at what the bloodthirsty beast nearly looked like.

Should've Gone To Rexsavers

There is no denying that the Indominus Rex looked like it had been pulled straight from the primordial ooze, but it is no secret that making up your own dinosaur isn't as easy as reading the instructions on the back of the packet. Undergoing various designs before settling on the perfect predator, the road to was a long one. Sharing the snaps on his website, concept artist Ian Joyner showcased what the Indominus Rex could've look like if he'd originally got his way in Jurassic World.

[Credit: Ian Joyner]
[Credit: Ian Joyner]

Now, I'm no Spielberg, but who else is thinking that Joyner's yellow Rex looks a whole lot cooler than the grey version we eventually got. Not that there was anything wrong with the big bad dino we ended up with, but it was effectively a modified T-Rex. Here the Indominus Rex is much more how you would expect a Rex/Raptor hybrid to look — plus, it's freaking yellow!

Since Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park in 1993, purveyors of paleontology have been scared and spellbound by a clutch of carnivorous beasts. The franchise was left on the brink of extinction thanks to Joe Johnston's lackluster threequel in 2001, but life, er, found a way with Jurassic World. Part of the big success of JW was that it combined the old and the new of Jurassic like it did with the Indominus.

The Indo was dragged to a watery grave at the end of Jurassic World, so it is unlikely that Bayona has given it the "jaws" of life to return for next year's sequel, but never say never. While the Spinosaurus of Jurassic Word III failed to impress the movie's (many) critics, the Indominus Rex was just the right mix of invention and innovation. The brainchild of the Masrani Corporation and the nefarious InGen, Jurassic World was once again a message on morality that man shouldn't play God.

While the plot of 's upcoming film is being kept a closely guarded secret, there are rumors that the director has been back in the lab, bringing another Masrani movie monster to our screens for Fallen Kingdom. Given a look at Joyner's work, it is just a shame that he isn't attached to do the artwork this time. With newcomers like James Cromwell and Toby Jones, as well as the return of B.D. Wong and Jeff Goldblum, don't expect the dinosaur theme park to be shutting its doors just yet.

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