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Dr. Cristina Yang to the OR please, that's Dr. Yang to the OR. Amidst a season of departing cast members and returning faces, there is no denying that ABC's Grey's Anatomy is still as packed with as much death and drama in its current Season 14 as when it first hit our screens in 2005.

However, while Kim Raver is back as Teddy Altman to presumably swoon over Dr. Owen Hunt, don't expect another woman from Hunt's past to be vying for his affections. Sorry fans, but Meredith's "person" isn't about to walk back through the doors of the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and it sounds like actress is quite happy leaving Cristina to her new life in Zurich.

Oh, Say It Ain't So

Speaking to TVLine, executive producer Krista Vernoff said that as much as she would love for it to happen, there are no plans for Cristina to pack her bags for a trip down memory lane:

"I would give anything for a visit from Sandra Oh. [The 300th episode] would be a fine occasion for a visit, but it's not happening. So I don't want people imagining or hoping it will and then being disappointed."

While Vernoff provided the ol' "never say never" line, it certainly sounds like Sandra Oh is steering clear of the world's unluckiest hospital for the foreseeable future:

"Sandra may one day come back for the end [of the series] or something, but she's not coming back this season."

On the subject of familiar faces, Vernoff also confirmed that Sara Ramirez won't be back as Dr. Callie Torres:

"There's nobody who's a bigger fan of hers than I am. She has moved on from the show. If she would come back, I would be thrilled to have her. But she's got a very busy life in New York."

For both characters, it is probably for the best, with Yang and Torres being two favorites who managed escape Seattle's grim specter of death. Ramirez departed the series in the Season 12 finale to take some personal time away from the show. As for Oh, the long-standing star last appeared for the funeral of Derek Shepherd back in 2015, so at least we know that she isn't averse to the odd return visit.

That being said, as Grey's enters even more unfamiliar territory, do we really need Cristina there to hold Meredith's hand at every turn? Also, knowing our luck, Yang would probably return, only to be swept up in a tornado or involved in some sort of nuclear meltdown that decimated Seattle. Looking back over the bloody history of Grey's, staying well out of those hallowed hospital's halls is probably the best place for Yang to be!


Would you like to see Yang return to 'Grey's Anatomy'?

(Source: TVLine)

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