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There is no doubt that Deadpool is a cultural phenomena, and its creators seem to know how to tap into the magic that made the first movie successful, judging from the new "Wet on Wet" teaser. The first film made millions and had so much of an impact that some of the featured songs hit new heights. Still, what should be highlighted is how perfect the new teaser was, which may explain the excitement.

1. It Actually Teases

One reason this short trailer worked is because it actually teased rather than spoiled. Many moviegoers are noticing that trailers and teasers are showing too much of the plot or nothing at all. The new Deadpool 2 teaser showed fans enough clips of the upcoming film to show that it is going to be as explosive and fun as they are expecting it to be. Fans were happy with what was shown because the teaser concentrated on a standalone parody rather than clips from the film.

2. R-Rated Bugs Bunny is Back

Another reason the teaser worked so well is because it was not afraid of its demented vulgarity, which fans have come to expect. The teaser clearly shows that Deadpool's vulgar spirit remains untouched from the first film, which can be watched on 123movies. Much of the teaser talks about masturbation, drug use, and death without really talking about it. These jokes could go over some people's heads and delight others, which is part of the reason Deadpool has such a devoted fanbase.

3. A Touch of Ross

The Bob Ross-esque aspect of the teaser is perhaps the thing that most people are talking about and for good reason. Deadpool referenced Bob Ross throughout most of the teaser since he dressed like the famous PBS painter and spoke like him. It's no secret that Bob Ross became a cultural phenomena in the 80's. Using this persona was ingenious because people remember him.

It was hilarious that Deadpool decided to associate the painter's way of whack-cleaning his paintbrush to a more devious type of whacking. There is no doubt that this teaser is going to encourage fans to go watch some of Bob Ross' old videos with a new set of eyes.

4. References Galore

Yes, the biggest reference was Bob Ross, but Deadpool is known to reference many things, and this teaser did just that. One of the first references shown on screen is for a little movie called Clockwork Orange, which follows the story of a very demented man.

Another reference worth noting is the one made to Beyonce's "Bootylicious" song. Of course, Deadpool's neverending love for the Golden Girls was referenced when Deadpool mentioned Betty White. There were more references, such as that famous taxi driver, Dopinder, from the first movie and fully X-Men suited Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

5. Kept Some Secrets

The point of the teaser is to give fans a sneak peek of the film. Deadpool 2's teaser definitely showed something to fans but also left them wanting more. The plot was not detailed at all, and there are several characters that were not shown during the clip. Many fans know this film is going to feature Cable, Pyro, and Domino, yet these characters were not shown.

After scrolling the comment section of the official teaser, one will see just how excited the short trailer has made fans. These are just some reasons this teaser worked and why the sequel to Deadpool is gearing up to be another smash hit amongst comic book movie fans.

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