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Microsoft Outlook is a great product in respect to his wide range of functions, which are his pros and cons at the same time. On the one hand, Outlook can do an enormous amount of actions, but on the other hand he is becoming too complicated because of his functions. You need to spend too much time to sort out with all this stuff.

We understand that Outlook can do almost everything, just as we look at the list of its abilities. But how can we find all these things we need in the ocean of buttons and menus? Guys from Microsoft seems to be convinced that we have to spend hours on guides and manuals to the program, finish some courses and read a few thick books dedicated to their products. But most people don't have enough time to deal with that. On the other hand there is me, who likes to pick all this kind of things and transform hard things into the easy one.

So, here are 5 small pieces of advice about Outlook for people who have to work with this program.

1. Never skip important messages. Use your search folders.

Due to search folders you can make a list of contacts whose letters will be always on sight. If you have a fast flow of correspondence it's very easy to miss an important one. To evade such situations, put your important contacts into the search folders. Than you will have a guarantee that you will see their message and you will have time to solve all your problems. Usually, important contacts consist of boss, colleagues, main clients and your wife/husband. Notice, that search folders are not files on the disk. They are just a filter for your messages. If you delete search folder, your messages will be deleted too. Creating such folder in the Outlook will gives you an opportunity only to filter all messages, leaving only messages that fit your search requirements.

2. Skip reading of useless conversations.

If your colleagues or friends are having a very intensive conversation, mark you as one of the receivers, but you're not interested in that, you can easily skip the conversation. In this case all your new messages will go straight to the trash. If someone of your colleagues sends you message with another topic, you will get it. Don't worry that it can lose somewhere.

But be careful. This function deletes all messages with a specific topic. If someone from your colleagues write you something else, messages still will be deleted. So, in this case teach your co-workers always start a new conversation.

To skip conversation you need to right-click and then choose "skip". That’s all.

3. Create groups of contacts.

If you often talk to the same people and send them same letters, you can combine them into one group and send letters to a group. This way will save you a lot of time. It allows you to write only 1 letter and mark a group as a receiver.

To make a group go to "Contacts" and on the tab "Main" click button "Create group of contacts. You will get a window where you can add everybody to a group and save changes. Notice that all contacts from the group will whom you send a letter. If you don't want that you can use function "Hide copies" that can be added through the tab "Options".

4. Automatically clean your trash before exiting the Outlook.

If you don't want to make a collection of useless letters that are storing at the tab "Deleted", you should try to set it up for automatically removing. To do this click on the tab "File" and choose "Settings" option. Than find tab "Additional". After that click on "Starting and finishing work with Outlook" and tick "Clean "Deleted" folder after exiting from Outlook".

If you are afraid that something important can be deleted, find tab "Other" and tick "Confirm before deleting".

5. Never write the same letters. Try to use templates.

This is probably one of the most important points. If you need to send similar letters from time to time to different contacts, making a template is the easiest way to handle this fast. It's better to spend time once for creation a template, than write same letters every time. That will save you a lot of time.

To make a new template, you need to write a letter. After finishing, just before sending, open tab "File" and click "Save as". After that you will need to choose a type of file you're saving. Choose "Outlook template".

To make a new letter after the template, open tab "Main" and then "New elements">"Other elements">"Choose a template". Then open "Templates in the file system" and choose what you need. You can also do it with the help of file explorer and double-tap on a template file.

6. Install Outlook on your phone.

Using Outlook on your phone will help you to deal with tasks when you're out of office. It is also possible to sync your phone contacts with Outlook that can be helpful in some situations.

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