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We know you love and review it too! So we share our 20 cool facts about Potteriana right now.

1. The least successful Harry Potter film made $90 million more than the most successful Twilight movie…

Sorry, Edward and Bella, you cannot be compared to Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

2. Every Harry Potter movie is on the list of top 50 highest grossing films of all time.

And this fact is not surprising for anyone.

3. J K Rowling wrote the final chapter of the last Harry Potter book in ‘something like 1990′, seven years before the release of the 1st book.

Many fans didn’t like the ending of the story, by the way.

4. Hogwarts headache is a medical term used for headache due to spending many hours reading an unusually long volume such as Harry Potter.

The pain lasts one day or two after finishing the book

5 .Moaning Myrtle, in the Harry Potter series is actually 46 years old woman!

The actress Shirley Henderson who played the ghost in the bathroom was actually 46 in real life.

6 . J.K. Rowling says the idea of Harry Potter just “strolled into her head” during a four-hour train delay.

That’s why be grateful for any moments of your life even those when you have to wait…

7. Harry Potter is now 34-years-old.

Good news: in an upcoming story of J.K. Rowling the beloved 34-year-old characters reunite to win new evil.

8. In the Harry Potter movie, Ron’s Patronus is a Jack Russell terrier, which are known to chase otters – Hermoine’s Patronus is an otter.

It’s just so cute!

9 .J.K. Rowling wrote an alternative ending to the “Harry Potter” series.

The author herself wanted Harry Potter to be together with Hermione in the end of the story.

10. Daniel Radcliffe broke more than 80 wands while filming the Harry Potter movies because he would use them as drumsticks.

Well, he could buy all the wands of the universe to replace them after all…

11 .Daniel Radcliffe was nicknamed “Harry Puffer” by his “Harry Potter” co-stars for having the so-called “20-a-day cigarette habit.”

They trully worried about his health.

12 .Daniel Radcliff’s parents allowed him to stay up an extra half hour as celebration when he found out he’d gotten the part of Harry Potter.

Today the lucky wizard does ABSOLUTELY whatever he wants!

13. J.K. Rowling considered killing Ron Weasley in the middle of the “Harry Potter”series, but eventually decided to let him live.

She was holding an axe over his neck but probably felt too sorry for Hermione.

14 .All the books in Dumbledore’s office in the Harry Potter movies are just the Yellow Pages rebound to look old.

Caution! This fact may seriously hurt true fans of Potteriana

15 .Daniel Radcliffe used a total of 160 pairs of glasses during the filming of all Harry Potter movies.

He’s rumoured to take a pair from the first movie and the a pair from the last for himself.

16. Maggie Smith (Professor McGonagall) battled cancer while filming the last Harry Potter movie because she didn’t want to disappoint fans.

She was battling breast cancer, luckily she made a full recovery.

17. After the final Harry Potter movie was released, animal sanctuaries in England were forced to deal with hundreds of abandoned pet owls.

It sounds stupid but in fact owls are not good pets and should not be kept in a birdcage.

18. The dementors in Harry Potter were meant to symbolize J.K. Rowling’s depression.

Depressive mood was rather inspiring for Harry Potter’s creator.

19. J.K. Rowling is officially writing a Harry Potter spin-off film series for Warner Bros.

20.However the release date of the first episode is still unknown.

Did anyone ever notice how in Harry Potter, the dementors never go for Ron?

They never tried to eat his soul!

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