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Yeah, you read that right.

The first preview for next year's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has been released, and you can check it out here:

Introducing returning characters such as Yondu as members of the Guardians and bringing back our favourites, this teaser has a little bit of everything without spoiling any plot points, a rarity in modern Hollywood promotion (ahem, Batman v. Superman). The decision to keep Blue Suede's 'Hooked on a Feeling' as the staple of the promotion is a risky one, as it has the potential to get stale, but in this teaser it does a terrific job of bringing fans back into the universe of the film.

It starts off with a particularly dark tone, with some moody shots of the Milano from director James Gunn, with Hooked on a Feeling gradually rising in volume, accompanied by some equally brooding shots reintroducing viewers to the Guardians. Another highlight is a shot of Karen Gillan's Nebula, former villain-turned-Guardian, who seems to have a metal implant on part of her head as a result of the last film's climactic battle.

But of course, we soon go back to typical Guardians realm, with the song picking up and a few members of the team strutting slowly through a forest. As expected, there's some classic GotG humour, with Chris Pratt's Starlord and Dave Bautista's Drax quipping, showing off the electric chemistry between the cast members and, of course, rousing some laughs at the same time. A continuation of the romance between Starlord and Gamora is hinted at, but as Drax's joke suggests, it won't be progressing too far in this film.

A particular highlight is the teaser's final shot, showing Bradley Cooper's Rocket blasting a hole into a nondescript enemy, then peeking through the bullet-hole with fan-favourite Groot - wearing a befittingly stylish jacket - of course regrowing after sacrificing himself at the end of the original.

Overall, an unsurprisingly terrific teaser from Marvel Studios, retaining the tone of the original Guardians film superbly, while hinting at what's to come for the ragtag group of rogues. The only downside? We have to wait until summer 2017 to catch it on the big screen.

Love or hate the teaser? What was your favourite moment? Be sure to leave a comment below, as we always reply. Thanks for reading!

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