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It's been nearly a year since Overwatch took the gaming community by storm, quickly rising to be one of the most popular games across the PC vs Console platform divide. Gamers around the world are logging on every day to battle against each other.

An impressive game like this isn't all that uncommon as we usually have a standout game or two every year, but when that game comes from Blizzard it makes it all the more incredible. When the studio famous for , and first announced their intent to introduce a band new IP that had absolutely nothing to do with their existing universes - fans were a bit skeptical, but they held onto their hope. Their hope was rewarded when Overwatch released on May 24, 2016 and was met with nearly immediate acclaim and was considered the front runner for .

A year later, Blizzard hasn't stopped introducing incredible additions to their multiplayer , and fans have been devouring all the content and looking for all the latest leaks about what's next.

We've seen new characters, skins, events, updates and so much more. It's been exhilarating to watch work to develop Overwatch continuously over the last year, but just because we've hit the one year mark on the game doesn't mean that things look to slow down for developers or gamers, as it seems that Blizzard has something rather amazing planned for the Overwatch Community and should be arriving by the end of May.

Say Hello To Doomfist

Doomfist has been one character in the game's lore that players have been begging for for a while now. Even going so far as to have fan-casted the voice actor of Terry Crews.

For months now fans have theorized about Doomfist's potential addition to the game.

And while he hasn't been directly linked to being the next character, it makes sense for Doomfist to be the 25th playable character considering how integral he was to the history of the game world. In the game's lore, Doomfist is a generational character, with the title being passed down between several characters through the Omnic War.

We don't know exactly how many character have held the 'Doomfist' title, but we can surmise that there were at least three different iterations of the character based on the image above of 'The Savior', 'The Scourge' and 'The Successor'.

It's likely that if Doomfist does arrive this month, we'll be introduced to the shadowed 'The Successor' version of the character and he'll play a large role in the future of the backstory of future events.

Doomfist is supposed to be a highly offensive, attack-first, character who has a dash move similar to Tracer and Reinhardt that can pin enemies. He's also expected to bear an ultimate that allows him to divebomb the ground to cause an area splash effect and eliminate whoever is in the immediate area. Doomfist should, in theory, be geared towards countering characters like Reinhardt and Roadhog, so it will be interesting to see how –or if– he truly is introduced this month.

What do you think, will Doomfist arrive as part of the Anniversary Event?

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