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I'm sure anyone that's a fan of the FPS genre has played this game. It was an absolutely stunning game and really put Call of Duty at the forefront of the genre. I mean just look at how Medal of Honor died out with some pretty poor to mediocre reboots and sequels. This game was the first taste of modern military, which was a massive change from most World War 2 games. Infinity ward got the formula pretty much spot on with this game; great gameplay, a brilliant story with fast paced action and interesting characters that you actually cared about all gave the game some real emotional weight. Something which each progressive CoD has lost as they continually milked this formula until the point where we got the brilliantly bland Ghosts. Either way, I think most of us were excited about this game when it was revealed, probably a lot more excited than we were for Infinite Warfare...

So I finally saw some gameplay from this game (not sure how late I am on this) and I just remember the game looking that good when it first released. Obviously I then took my nostalgia goggles off and had a proper look at the footage. Seeing such a classic mission such as Crew Expendable in glorious remastered HD is long overdue, and hearing that classic line from Gaz that throws back to Aliens was great.

The new graphics seem to give the game a new lease of life, even though I knew exactly what was about to happen it gave a whole new impact to the events in game. Everything, down to the detailing of the guns and the raindrops on the weapons, looks fantastic. Everything looks new but familiar.

I do think it's a mistake only selling this game as an extra with Infinite Warfare, it'll just be a stunt to boost sales. I can't say I blame them with all the hate they got on YouTube, and even with this I still think the sales will be well below Battlefield 1. I do want Infinite Ward to start putting out good games again and hopefully this bit of fan service is a step in the right direction and the new additions to Infinite Warfare can do for CoD what Modern Warfare did for them all those years ago. Roll on November.