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It’s been a little over two weeks since the official teaser trailer for Stephen King’s It was released. There’s a good chance that it made you poop yourself. (I’m not judging.)

Whether or not you managed to clean all of the poop remnants from your undies in the days that have passed (maybe you just threw them out, that works too), it’s time to address your fears head on and join me in contemplating who should play The Losers’ Club all grown-up.

Played by Jaeden Lieberher.

Lieberher, best known for Midnight Special and St. Vincent, will be playing the leader of the Losers’ Club, the Tommy Pickles, if you will.

Stephen King describes the adult Bill as balding, his hair thinned out in college.

Let’s go with Corey Stoll from House of Cards, Ant-Man, and The Strain. He owns a quiet charisma that would work well as the reluctant leader Bill makes for as an adult.

Played by Finn Wolfhard, of “Stranger Things” fame.

So technically Richie Tozier sheds the glasses as an adult but that doesn’t matter. Scoot McNairy would work even sans glasses. He also doesn’t seem like a stretch for an older version of Finn Wolfhard.

Played by Sophia Lillis.

Sophia Lillis has this Amy Adams look about her and Amy Adams would be a dream casting choice. But, alas, Amy Adams may be too “big” for an ensemble horror movie. Plus, Amy Adams is kinda like the obvious choice for casting a red-head, no? So in that case…

Mireille Enos from World War Z and “The Killing.” Both of those roles proves she knows how to handle tension and darker fare and she sort of looks like an older version of Sophia Lillis.

Played by Jeremy Ray Taylor.

Adult Ben Hanscom has shed the weight and actually is supposed to be quite the looker — so how about Logan Marshall-Green? Prometheus and The Invitation would be just the appetizers for something like It. And I could totally see that chubby kid morphing into a stud like this.

Played by Jack Dylan Grazer.

You’ve probably seen this dude in a number of movies (Prisoners, The Dark Knight, Ant Man) but have no idea what his name is. This is David Dastmalchian and he could totally pull off a dude who grew up to marry a woman that is essentially the same person as the overbearing mother he was raised by (which is what grown-up Eddie Kasbrak does).

Played by Chosen Jacobs.

Craig Robinson. No, seriously. He handles understated really well in “Mr. Robot” and, if need be, could provide comic relief in the sequel. But adult Mike is described as looking older than the rest of the Losers — possibly because he was the only one who stayed behind in their hometown of Derry. Robinson is the oldest of these actors by a few years. And it’s not unrealistic that Mike would put on a little weight… stuck in a small town with nothing to do? One usually turns to eating to fill the time. Why not?

Played by Wyatt Oleff.

Can’t say too much about adult Stan without spoiling anything, but why not go with Thomas Sadoski from “The Newsroom” and Wild. That little kid above could totally grow into this dude.

And that’s that.

Agree? Disagree? Have your own ideas? Want to watch the trailer again, see if you don’t poop yourself this time?

It comes out in theaters September 8.

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