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Supernatural is coming back in few weeks from the mid-season break and the curiosity of the everyone has been maxed out. There are few wait-worthy things; from a baby antichrist in his mother's womb to an angel who is incompetent at almost everything, even if it is as simple as keeping a pregnant woman in view—seriously Castiel, this is a new low even for you—from mother-son duo to our favorite pair of brothers, wearing a pair of denim, Supernatural is just around the corner.

There are few things about the coming Episode, First Blood, which all fans are curious about. Sit back, relax and have a coffee because we are going to dissect the cliff hanger from the last episode, LOTUS!

1. Rosemary's Baby a.k.a., Antichrist

In the episode LOTUS, we saw Lucifer consummating with one of his staff members at a mansion reportedly belonged to a hedge fund zillionaire, while possessing the President of United States. got the news on his angel radio that a Nephilim has come into being (i.e., an offspring of angels and humans), and as the angel in discussion is Lucifer himself, it was clear that the said Nephilim would be the spawn of the devil a.k.a, the Antichrist.

Jeese, the antichrist
Jeese, the antichrist

If my memory serves right, there was an eight-years old antichrist back in Season 5 Episode 6, I Believe the Children Are Our Future, who had ultimately gone into hiding so nobody could have found him without his consent. He was neither dangerous nor evil, though he did cause some unintentional deaths in his neighborhood due to his wrong believe in practical joke devices.

Now the child in question, Jesse Turner, was an offspring of a human and a normal, everyday not-so-friendly demon, but the baby in this Season is an offspring of Big Daddy Devil himself conceived by a human. Whether Team Freewill will be able to kill it in his mother’s womb–which I highly doubt–or not, or even if it is morally correct to kill it before knowing for sure that it turns out to be evil or not, that remains open for speculation.

2. Winchesters Behind Bars

Brothers were caught by the secret service at the end of LOTUS, who were oblivious to the fact that the President was possessed by the Devil himself, and they had good enough reasons to believe that the brothers were trying to kill him.

How many times they get caught to be exact? At least once or twice in every season except for Season 8 and 9. The complete list is here on Supernatural Wiki.

Sam and Dean Arrested
Sam and Dean Arrested

I have got few questions about this situation. It is very clear that with the powers of Castiel and Crowley, it would be a piece of cake for any of them to teleport Sam and Dean out of prison to the bunkers, but hang on, if that was so easy why writers bothered to plan it at all? Wouldn't it look stupid that Winchesters went to prison in one episode and came out in another without any bigger cause of doing so? Crowley and Rowena got vanished instantly after the geeky-exorcism but why? Why didn't they try to help in locating Kelly to a safe place or helping Winchesters in coming out of Motel?

What if Crowley himself is eyeing the Rosemary's baby as he knows very well the magnitude of power he would have in controlling Kelly. If this will turn out to be true, then we can safely assume that Winchesters might be spending quite sometime in the prison as Cowley would see to it personally.

3. Bob the Uncle

British men of letters
British men of letters

Meet Bob the uncle a.k.a., the mysterious Mr. Ketch. He claimed to clean the Winchesters’ mess every time they fail in last couple of episodes. Would he able to catch Kelly before Winchesters as well who is on a run right now? or does he also have a cat in his bag along with some cool hunting gadgets?

One thing is very clear that British Men of Letters are very professional, and they can go to any extent to finish their jobs. They are not only saving people and hunting things, but they are also researching and improvising the methods of later. If it comes down to harming or killing any of the brothers to get his job done, Mr. Ketch would definitely take the wind out of their sails.

4. Team Chalk & Cheese

Castiel & Crowley (C&C) has taken over the job of hunting since quite sometime, and this is not a new thing, but viewers are still trying to make sense of this chalk and cheese team.

Team C and C
Team C and C

They can be really hilarious if we remember the conversation that used to happen between a brooding Castiel and a whimsical Dean back in Season 4 and 5, but so far it looks as if writers are not in a mood of spending their creative juices on these two. Every time, they appear on screen, I become hopeful and every time, jokes fall off off the radar.

Despite of having no real problem of his own this Season, the character of Castiel has no longer a major role in the events of the story and just been there because fans love him. I like Castiel as much as I like Winchesters but on a serious note, it was the story line which made so many people across the world like this drama. Without a sound story, the characters look soporific and somber.

5. Hour of the Witch

Rowena has just one motto in life; if the broom fits, fly it.


During the last exorcism, Lucifer was supposed to go back to the cage but did he? Rowena might not be helping Lucifer, as she had banished him earlier when he was possessing Vince Vincente, but there could be something which I felt was not right.

  • The first thing was Lucifer's soul venting out into the sewer. We did not witness anything more intimidating that a normal exorcism.
  • Secondly, the charm Castiel put on one of the secret service members went off as soon as Crowley and Rowena left the arena.
  • Third, one of the secret service team members gave the brothers an evil eye which left me thinking that he might be possessed by a demon or may be by Lucifer himself.

All Supernatural fans, feel free to share your thoughts. I will come back after the next episode, First Blood go on-air.

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