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Just because there aren't enough girls that love Avengers, doesn't mean you shouldn't produce Black Widow action figures. Like, seriously. Avengers fans are not really fans if their collection is missing one member, which is Black Widow. She's a part of the team so she HAS to have a figurine. Producing toys because of gender crap? That's a load of bull. It's like the situation in Toy Story 2, if one member of the gang isn't there, it's not worthy to be placed in a museum because it's incomplete. What if Black Widow was never in the Avengers? How would they get the Hulk? How would they get to observe Tony and offer him a solution to his problem which he never told anyone, even Pepper, before he even joined the Avengers and thought no one could help him and he would die? Seriously, you asses. Get your shit together. It's not about what gender buys your products, it's WHO buys your products. It's 2015, stop being gender-based. There are girl-briefs and boxers, for goodness' sake!

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