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If you've seen any of my previous articles, you probably know I'm obsessed with the Fate/ anime series.

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Though expecting a route, the 's Facebook page has announced another spin off called Fate/Grand Order: First Order.

Having spent a lot of time browsing Fate/ content on , I've seen plenty of that hasn't been in the series currently available. But after seeing the trailer, I'm excited to discover that the storyline explored here will be giving me some of those images I've always wanted to see in action.

is an adaptation of 'S smartphone game and is set to be released in 2017. It will be directed by with as the assistant director. The script was written by based off of 's original concepts while is translating 's character designs for the game into animation.


The story takes place in 2015 during which magic still has influence over the world. At this time, a security organization called Chaldea is working to protect humanity. Using its resources, they're observing the world only seen by magic and the real world with the intent to prevent the extinction of mankind.

Due to the efforts of researchers, earth's survival has been ensured for 100 years. Their success are: Laplace, Fate, Shiva, and Trismegistus. And these events have secured the future of humanity. But then that security vanishes and the end of the world is seen in 2017.

To prevent this, Chaldea issues the Grand Order for a "Holy Grail Expedition". During this expedition, heroes will be sent back in time to investigate, uncover, and hopefully destroy that which would cause the end of humanity.


So far, the only returning character from the previous Fate/ works revealed in the teaser is or otherwise known as . In the game wiki, however, it seems that around 59 servants are available for use which means my favorite, , may appear! This is likely wishful thinking as the game poster doesn't feature him and there are other characters who can cause trouble.

Aside from him, I'm hoping to get some () from the class. Not only do I favor her design, but I've always had a soft spot for the tragic heroine and would love to see her in action. And I don't need to mention that 's obsession with her in peeked my interest. Her appearance has more grounds too since she has a quote in the game's PV1 that sets the stage for the player.

The only known main characters at this point, however, are Mashu Kyrielight voiced by and Ritsuka Fujimaru voiced by , and possibly a long eared magical-beast sidekick, Fou.

After seeing an AMV by NeuroAMV2, Mashu looks like she's going to be a kickass . But the teaser makes me worry. Ritsuka may follow the 'boy who must rely on a strong woman' trope and then prove himself before the end of the story. But we'll see. Regardless, I'm expecting epic magical battles and hopefully, a killer plot that will make wise use of its amazing characters.

Are you looking forward to another Fate/ anime adaptation, or are you done?

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