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You don't believe me? Just take a look around!

TV crowded with shopping ads, everyone busting their assess off to get the perfect gift, discounts at your favorite stores both online and off, meal deals at your favorite fast food restaurants and Christmas lights at every corner pressuring you to get your house dressed up the same.

All you see is "spend your money with me" or "give me your money" everywhere you go.

Christmas is described as the annual Christian festival celebrating Christ's birth, held on December 25 in the Western Church, but this could not be farther from the truth.

I am not a religious person, so Christmas is just another day for me, but I do not think even Christian themselves celebrate this time of year for what it really represents anymore. Instead, it is about buying the biggest and best gifts, having the biggest Christmas tree, buying the biggest Ham, dressing up the house for a few days of crap and fooling kids into thinking a pagan Santa is going to fall from the chimney. What a joke!

When I was younger I looked froward to Christmas, but not for that religious nonsense that some Roman church created. Instead it was a time of celebration because I knew my mom would send Christmas money from abroad, I would be able to buy the nicest clothes and shoes, and I would be able to have some form of frolicking freedom at Christmas Eve parties. But, I have long surpassed even that and have come to see Christmas for what it really is.

Nowadays, it is even worst, I do not think many people who say they are Christians even remember what the season is about. For most, it has become another time of year to spend what you do not have. Just like Thanksgiving, Easter, Independence and all those other unnecessary holidays.

Do not get me wrong, to each his own. If you are a Christian, that is what you believe in, but at least take it seriously. Do not use the guise of Christmas to push your commercialist and capitalist agenda on other people who have woken up from all the bullshit being served during the season.

Christmas may had been about "Christ" when it was created by the Romans in 336 and when Pope Julius I officially declared December 25 as the birth day of Jesus three years later (bet many Christians did not know that). But, since the age of Industrialism and manufacturing, it has changed into the season of who has the most money to outspend "Santa."

If Christmas is not about the money, why don't you buy gifts for your loved ones on some random day like April 19th or September 12th? Why wait until this "special" time of year for all that? Because, we have let capitalism turn us into Sheep and fooled us into thinking Christmas is about love, sharing and caring (which you should be doing everyday of the year) just to get in your pockets. Just like Jesus shepherded his herd back in the day, so have we been shepherded into becoming commercial guinea pigs.

Are you getting broke this Christmas?

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