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For a lot of people, meditation is the ultimate zen. Whether you do it for spiritual, relaxation or concentration purposes, there is just some amount of serenity and peace of mind that accompanies this activity.

However, we always seem to believe that meditation involves sitting with our knees bent in a sometime very uncomfortable position and incessantly repeating "hummmm!"

Someone highlighted this in a video I watched recently and upon analysis, I have realized that meditation is really more than that. Our association of meditation with the yoga position called the Quarter Lotus or Padmasana (as seen below) comes from Asian tradition and is thought to be one of the best positions for the practice; as the asana resembles a Lotus and perfectly aligns the spine and allows you to breathe uninhibitedly. It officially originated in ancient India.


However, meditation is more than the asana. True meditation can be done anywhere, anytime and in any condition. But, reaching that level of letting your mind be able to avoid distractions while in the park or on the train can be difficult, and requires a lot of practice. But it can be done.

Meditation is really just finding what works for you and letting your spirit and mind to block out all the physical and mental distractions, allowing true zen. For some people, this can occur while exercising, hiking, swimming, reading, praying, singing, dancing, etc. Whatever aligns your mind with a bigger spiritual connection and ultimately relieves stress and negativity is enough.

So, meditation is bigger than the Lotus position or being on a mountain top with Monks in Nepal or Tamil Nadu. True meditation can be achieved almost anywhere, it just requires a lot of practice.

Are you a fan of meditation?

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