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When I posted my blog article yesterday, I had officially blogged everyday for the month of December.

It is somewhat of an achievement for me, but it is also not that big of a moment. I have had websites/blogs before where I produced content multiple times daily for a few months, but marking this month long of daily blogging is exciting because it has a whole new meaning.

As I have written about many times this month, 2016 has been a year of changes for me. A lot of changes, and not any mild changes, but big, life changing ones. Those changes brought with them some remorse, sadness and new beginnings; and the only way I could share the lessons I have learnt and play my part in this big world by helping someone who might be on the same path, is to share my little two cents in words.

So here is what I have learnt doing just that…

It was damn difficult to start

Not difficult from a monetary or time perspective, but my mindset was not there. As I have also highlighted in articles a few times this month, the mind is a bitch. I have had all these words spinning around in my head like a Ferris Wheel waiting to be ejected for months, but I was scared of making a daily commitment to blogging. This blog not only serves as a means of sharing my experiences and opinions, but also as a tool to improve my writing and establish myself as a Writer. So, while I am giving and inspiring, I am also learning and growing. However, despite all those positive attributes to be given and gained, the negative side of my mind created an obstacle to me starting. The only way I tackled that fat, ugly monster into submission, was to just start writing. Nothing else!

There is so much inspiration out there

One of the main factors that contributed to my delay in starting a daily blog was content. Where the hell would I get something to write about 30/31 days per month, 365 days per year? What will I say, and when will it start to feel like I am just repeating myself every time I post due to a lack of inspiration? All these questions went through my head, but I started writing, and it has just flowed. I have blogged everyday on topics that came to me through retrospection, introspection, reading, scrolling through social media, watching YouTube, talking to my friend, listening music, and even while writing. If I had continued putting off starting this blog, I would not have over 50 articles in the archives today. You just have to start and stop asking so many questions. Everything will fall into place as you go along.

Having a calendar helps

At the moment, I have blog topics placed on my calendar up to a week from today. Therefore, I know days in advance what I will be writing about. Having a calendar helps a ton. As soon as inspiration hits I jot down the idea, even if its gibberish, and when I am ready to write I structure the headline. Once I have the topic, everything flows as my fingers hit the keys. This does not only apply to only writing, but anything you do. Having some form of structure and using tools to guide and keep you on track is imperative. Looking at my calendar everyday motivates me, as I know I have all of next week’s topics already lined up. It takes off the pressure of having to come up with it all when I sit before my computer. Establish clear guidelines and timelines for your goals and activities, as structure will not only motivate but force you to get them done.

It has help build my willpower

I considered myself to be a lazy person (maybe that has not changed much). Yes, I helped start a great business from the ground up while going to college, but when it came down to really attacking my goals I have never been proactive. I procrastinate a lot, and this has led to me putting stuff on the back burner. Stuff that if I had pursued years ago when I had the idea, I maybe would be at a different place in my life right now (but this article is not about regret, f*ck that!). Making a challenging commitment such as writing daily and sticking to it, is helping build my tenacity and go getter drive. I feel motivated to just go for what I want and quit waiting for the “perfect” time or right resources. This blog is helping me build my willpower, as it is not only a commitment to myself to do this daily, but also to the great things this newly found willpower will help me achieve.

A lot of us have so many things we would like to start and sometimes we make the effort but never follow through to the end. But, when all is said and done, your success in this world and the legacy you will leave, is all about you making the first move.

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