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Arkane's newest Dishonored content; Death of The Outsider was announced at E3 back in June reception varying from person to person as is expected, but it has left many people wondering what Arkane is thinking and if this truly fits into the rest of the franchise, as well as what it means for the future. Dishonored has always been a story that follows themes, revenge, morality, second chances and redemption, how will Death of The Outsider change the world of Dishonored as we know it?

Billie Lurk in the 'Death of The Outsider' E3 trailer.
Billie Lurk in the 'Death of The Outsider' E3 trailer.

This game follows the continuing themes that have been present throughout the series and will delve a little more into the mystery of the Void, the Outsider, and strange new underground cults.

We are going to be playing as Billie Lurk, a character introduced back in the first DLC for Dishonored, Knife of Dunwall, she is Daud's second in command in his group of assassins; in the DLC she serves the same purpose that Emily served in the main game, her responses are greatly dependent on how you are playing, as with Emily, if you play full high chaos, she'll become a little more jaded and hostile towards the world.

Regardless of what playstyle you choose, Billie is destined to betray you to Delilah, in the end, you have the choice to either kill her or spare her, Dishonored 2 featuring Billie as Meagan Foster revealed the canon fate, Daud had sent her away from Dunwall to start a new life.

Though there are those excited for this new story, some fans of the series are criticizing the game's story-line, stating that it doesn't fit with the rest of the series and it seems a little out of place. While I disagree, I believe that Death of The Outsider is a perfect follow-up to the previous games and it's stories, we have had a point-of-view play-through of each character that was central in the event of Jessamine Kaldwin's brutal murder, Corvo, Daud, Emily and now, it's Billie's turn.

This game also marks the first time we will be playing a character that is not marked, opening the door for future games to be more innovative in how they present powers and magic and giving us a very interesting choice in how we play the game. Billie's mission is also different than the previous protagonists; Corvo wanted to save Emily and put her back on the throne, Daud wanted redemption, and Emily wanted to defeat Delilah, Billie's motivations may still be a mystery, but she is the first protagonist that isn't simply out for something to gain.

Billie is a character who has seen the effect of corruption on Dunwall and Karnaca from both marked and not marked individuals and is the perfect choice to finish out this chapter of the Dishonored series, as she dismantles those who worship the Outsider and those who cause destruction in his name or, in the case of the Abbey of the Everyman, in opposition to his existence.

Daud overlooks a building in 'Death of The Outsider'
Daud overlooks a building in 'Death of The Outsider'

What exactly does Death of The Outsider mean for the future? If the Outsider is killed how will future protagonists get powers? As we see in The Corroded Man novel written by Adam Christopher, it is possible to gain supernatural powers without having the mark of The Outsider, and now Death of The Outsider shows us with Billie, having the Outsider's mark isn't the only way to harness power from the Void.

Criticisms also include that the outcome of the new game will affect the future of the series negatively, or that it means there are no more Dishonored stories to come in the future. Others criticize going after one of Dishonored's most favored character, the Outsider.

The Outsider, while a very important character in the franchise was never the glue that held it together, that glue was in the themes and the various stories of the characters we meet along the way, in the bricks of Dunwall Tower, in the sunny and brilliant skies of Karnaca and the dark depressing atmosphere of The Void, What holds Dishonored together is its ability to make us care about what we do, to make us more cautious of our actions in the world, whether it's as Corvo trying to clear his name, or Emily trying to defeat not only Delilah, but the corruption of her own empire. Dishonored has always had a beautiful story to tell, no matter who is in control.

The Outsider is an important part of those stories and is intertwined with them in an equally important way, but to pretend only one specific aspect of these games is the glue that holds it all together is a disservice to the stories, the characters that tell them, or the characters that live them.

The Outsider in 'Death of The Outsider'
The Outsider in 'Death of The Outsider'

The story that was set out upon in Dishonored is finally coming full circle as Billie Lurk embraces her own destiny and hunts down The Outsider in an attempt to put a stop to the corruption and chaos, and I for one think this will be a very beautiful end to this chapter in the franchise.

One way or another, Billie Lurk will complete her journey and I can't wait to see what is in-store for her.

Death of The Outsider stars Michael Madsen, Rosario Dawson, and Robin Lord Taylor and is released on September 15 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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