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This is an uncompleted script

Description of characters visual look:

Kiko- Light brown bunny with striped darker brown shirt and pants

Sam- White bunny with White T-shirt and baggy jeans, has black fur around left eye

Dajh- Black brother with cowboy hat, purple vest and black jeans. White fur on right eye

Lena - Sam’s friend who knows his secret

Riker- Yellow bunny with grey hood and blue jeans

Celia- grey bunny with purple shirt and jeans

Kendra-Yellow bunny with blue hood and jeans

    In the kingdom in a far away land lived a young prince name Kiko. He was peering outside his room. His father entered the room and sat at the edge of the bed. He explained, “My son you are now old enough to take up your responsibilities as a prince. We’ve put together a celebration and we’re hoping you may encounter your significant other, just remember to have fun and to look with your heart and mind.” Kiko stood up and took a deep breathe before heading down a long lightly lit stairwell. Down in the ball room were several other princes and princesses from other kingdoms dancing. Kiko started to formally dance for a while. Even after a long night of dancing he wasn’t able to find anyone that made his heart race. He slowly worked his way back up the stairs. His father asked wishfully, “How did it go?” Kiko shrugged it off and said, “It was ok, I guess.” His father still asking in a hopeful way, “Did anyone catch your eyes?” Kiko looked down and sighed, “No, are you disappointed in me?” His father moved his left hand to his son shoulder and insured him, “What? No, I could never be disappointed in you. If I put too much pressure on you then I’m sorry. Love works in mysterious ways sometimes. At times it can be easy and other times it can be hard. But I promise if you keep looking out there then you’ll find someone that will capture your heart. In fact I think your old enough to explore the rest of the world.” Kiko perked up and said, “I’ll do my best.” After a nights rest Kiko woke up and left outside to see a plane that was waiting for him to get on, so he did.

    In a school in another country was on recess. Sam was sitting on a bench with a large crowd huddled around him. He stood up and said, “Alright, let make the best of the time we got here.” [Insert song here] As Sam is singing Kiko arrives at the station he exits the station and ends up at the curb. He sees a car rush by. He ran across the street on the safety lines. Sam walked into the recess area. Sam stopped singing and said, “Looks like our transfer student has arrived. So what’s your name?” Kiko looked around and pointed at himself. Sam nodded and Kiko hopped on the table and greeted, “Konichiwai.” Sam said, “Ah, you speak Japanese. Well then follow me.” As the hopped down they were greeted by another student named Lena. Lena asked, “Hi Sam who’s this?” Kiko blushed as Sam answered, “This is a transfer student. I’m bringing him to a teacher now.” She said, “I’ll go with you.” The three of them went into a school and found a teacher they understood several languages.


    At the other side of the school was a bunny named Riker. He sat on the edge of a table. [Insert Song] Kiko stepped outside after receiving an English lesson. He steps into the hall and gets bumped down by Riker who is to busy still running to notice he even hit Kiko. Kiko’s head hits the floor and he starts crying. Lena catches up to him and picks him up and asked, “Are you ok?” Kiko got up and nodded. Lena said, “Come with me. I’ll teach you self defense.” She brings him to a school Dojo. She explained, “Now self defense is a last resort. It also helps to clear the mind and toughen the body. So let’s begin.” [Insert song.] After his lesson he goes back to the language teacher.


    Riker ends up stopping before he leaves the school. Celia and Kendra meet him at the entrance. Kendra asked, “You seem in rush. What’s going on?” Riker explained, “This school is pretty much our home. And I’ve known that it’s going to be closing this year for a few days now. That day I saw that noticed got to me today on top of everything else that has happened.” Kendra said, “Our past has hurt us and it will be likely we will never forget it but you can’t keep letting it hurt you now. So what is going on with the school.” Riker said, It doesn’t enough money. This is the last year they will be able to keep things up.” Celia asked, “Why haven’t the teachers told us about this yet?” Riker said, “Most of them are stubborn. If anything they will likely spring it on everyone else on the last day.” Celia asked, “So there just giving up on us?” Riker asked, “How do you think they could save us? We’ll just have to face it, this is just another bad thing in our lives that we will have to overcome.”


    Kiko stepped out of the office and saw Sam with Lena. Kiko said, “Hi, hi.” Sam said, “Geese, we really do have one of the best teachers for language.” Kiko said, “It’s all about paying attention and trying hard.” Sam asked, “Say, would you like a proper tour of this school?” Kiko replied, “Yes, yes.” Kiko goes along with both Sam and Lena. Sam said, “We have classes for art, writing, computers, home education and much more. This school function is to discover an individuals talent and direct them in the right classes. Once in high school they introduce an internship program. There students can go right into getting jobs. Of course this much detail to the length of education means that the school has a lot to pay out. However with the job program students can get jobs easier and faster and then are able to pay the school back for its services.” Kiko said, “This place has a lot to offer. I think that’s great.” A bell rang Lena took Sam’s hand and said, “We should get going.” Sam said, “Oh, right. Well see you tomorrow...huh, oh right we never got your name.” Kiko answered, “I’m Kiko.” Sam nodded, “Ok, Kiko, I’m Sam and this is Lena. Well, ok, we’ll see you.” Kiko waved, “Ok bye.”


    The next day Sam meets up with Lena. Sam asked, “Hey can I talk to you for a moment?” Lena said, “Sure.” They walked off into an empty hall. Sam said, I know this is odd to say but I can’t help it. I like you Lena and I was wondering if we could go on a date. I’m sure Kiko would be happy for us.” Lena gasped, “Oh really, well I’m busy today. But you should go for it next time.” Sam smiles, “Thank you.”

Sam leaves that hall to see Kiko entering the building. Sam asked, “Hey Kiko, can I talk to you for a moment?” Kiko said, “OK.” They got to the hall. Sam spoke nervously, “Um, I was wondering...if you, would, like to, go out...with me.” Kiko tilted his head to the side then blushed and replied, “Sure.” Sam shook his head in disbelief and asked, “Wait, really?” Kiko answered, “Yes, yes.” Sam said, “Uh ok, then we’ll go after school if that works.” Kiko nodded, “Uh-huh.”


    After school Sam brought Kiko to a bullet train. They ended up at the others side of the town. Sam took Kiko to a hill top bringing a basket of food he had stored in his locker. Sam sat down sand said, “I hope your hungry.” Kiko sat down as well and took some food and said, “Sure am.” Kiko started eating. Sam waited a moment the asked, “Why did you say yes?” Kiko replied, “I think you’re cool.” Sam nervously rubbed the back of his head and said, “Uh, yeah, I get that a lot. So what made you come to this country anyway?” Kiko said, “I’m a prince where I’m from. My father thought it would be best if I explored the rest of the world.” Sam asked, “A prince huh, what’s that like?” Kiko said “It’s sort of like being a popular student. My father wanted me to come here so I could find the one I love.” Sam muttered, “Love.” Kiko nodded, “Yes. That’s the other reason I said yes to you.” Sam looked around the park becoming more nervous with other animals at the park and asked, “And that came from me being cool?” Kiko booped on the nose and said, “That and your cute.” Sam asked, “Cute, me? But you...” Kiko smiled and said, “Yes, cute. And I want to get to know you better.” Sam shifted to the side and said, “But I’m not that interesting. What about Lena?” Kiko said, “Well she’s a good teacher and a good friend. But she doesn’t make my heart race like you do.” Sam said, “But you’re a prince.” Kiko said, “Yes, yes, and I was told to find the one I love, it’s just that simple.” Sam looked around again and asked, “But what about everyone else that’s here?” Kiko padded Sam on the shoulder and said, “Enough buts, instead tell me what music you like.” Sam answered still in a nervous state, “Rap.” Kiko asked, “What’s that?” Sam explained, “It’s like creating a beat then putting together something that rhymes with the beat.” Music from down the hill top begins to play in the city. Kiko stands up and said, “Come on, let’s check it out.” Sam fur shook as he said, “I don’t know if this is a good idea.” Kiko said, “It’s just music, so let’s dance.”

Kiko takes Sam’s hand and they rush down into the city. [insert song]


    Riker goes back to his first spot to try and think of a solution. Dajh walks around the area and stops and said, “Apologies for the interruption but I’m a bit lost. This school has gotten much larger since I left.” Riker asked, “You used to come here?” Dajh said, “That’s right, I’m looking for my brother Sam.” Riker said, “Sorry, I can’t help you.” Dajh said, “I see well then I’ll be seeing you around.” Riker sighed, “I highly doubt that.” Dajh asked, “Why that?” Riker said, “It’s nothing that concerns you anymore.” Celia and Kendra join Riker. Kendra asked, “You should get going.” Dajh said, “Let me guess, you’re trying to hide the fact that this school is closing down.” Riker asked, “How do you know that.” Dajh replied, “It’s the reason I came here. My brother has a knack for putting together fundraisers. However based on the debt I might take even more than that.” Celia asked, “You have a solution don’t you?” Dajh said, “There’s a dancing competition. The prize is ten thousand dollars.” Riker explained, “Yeah, that’s all fine and good but our school has ‘competed ’ each year and were always the first group that’s eliminated.” Dajh asked, “Why’s that?” Riker sighed, “Ugh, follow me.” The four of them head into a room that has a television in it. Riker turned to them and said, “Our school has sadly adopted a traditional dance that each year’s students end up performing. It has this so called cute factor but it’s simplicity always gets judges to vote us away. Each year they give us less time before shoving them off the stage. At this point we would have a minute before they cut us off.” Dajh asked, “Why not break away from tradition?” Riker said, “Even if we were too, do you really think we could push past tradition the competition would still be leagues past us.” Dajh said, “No way, not with my brother on our side. If there is anyone one who can bring the dance it’s him.”


    Meanwhile in the city Sam sighed in relief, “Well that wasn’t that bad.” Kiko asked, “Why did you think it would be bad?” Sam explained, “It’s complicated, let’s just say not everyone would be cool with this type of thing.” Kiko asked, “Others thoughts bother you?” Sam said, “Uh, well sometimes it’s more then just their thoughts. I’ve seen fights before, just because of something like this. I don’t know if I could handle that. It’s scarier because most times they group up.” Kiko asked, “Why not use self defense? Lena taught you too, didn’t she?” Sam sighed, “Yeah she did. Before then I was so close to become a senseless fighter. I was almost one of them. Lena helped me and after that I never wanted to fight again.” Kiko looked down for a moment and said, “I’m not sure you can have it both ways.” Sam asked, “What do you mean.” Kiko said, “Either your going to have to learn to ignore them or face the problem head on. You can’t think you’ll change their minds quickly either. Just remember in self defense a real set mind can outlast the rage without ever having to throw a punch.” Sam said, “You’re right. I’ve just been doubting myself more then anything.”


    Sam and Kiko returns. Sam sees Dajh and rushes up and hugs him. Sam let go and asked, “What are you doing here.” Dajh said, “I’m here with them to help save this school from ending. We’ll need your help.” Sam said, “Well ok. I’m game.” Riker asked, “So it’s true then, you have dancing skills.” Sam nodded, “Sure do.” After a dance routine Riker said, “Hey, Sam mind if I ask you a question in private.” Sam asked, “Uh, ok.” They go down the hall. Riker turned to Sam and asked, “So, let me guess, your trying to hook up with Kiko right.” Sam asked, “Wait what?” Riker sighed, “Ah, look I don’t care if your gay. I think that being in the closet code thing you had going on with Lena must have been stressful. If you want my advice, just drop it and just let your heart guide you to the right place.” Sam shook his head in disbelief and said, “Huh, I was a bit worried. Aren’t you that student that usually alone on that bench.” Riker said, “Well my sister and her girlfriend usually join me when no one else is around. Anyways we have plenty of time to practice.”

*Note*Middle section is still not thought up


During the winter Sam is with Kiko in a locker room. Kiko heads out to the window and asked, “What is that?” Sam joins him and asked, “What, have you never saw snow before.” Kiko shook his head and said, “Nope.” Sam took his hand, “Come on. Let’s go.” They go outside and start to go down a hill together. Sam topples on top of Kiko. Kiko smiles warmly, “That was fun...” Sam looks right into Kiko eyes and leans in and admits, “Kiko, I’ve fallen in love with you.” Kiko leans up and said, “Me too.” Sam kissed Kiko then helps him back up. Riker joins them and said, “You two love birds plan on joining us we have one last practice before the competition.” Kiko takes Sam’s and and Sam replies, “For sure.” They practice until the next day. The group of bunnies is up first. The crowd already has a bored look expecting a traditional dance. They do start out that way however just before the buzzer is hit Riker stops and goes into a separate beat. This has the judges stop and look on as the others in the group all have there moment to shine with their own style. For the first time they move on to the next stage and make it all the way to the finals. Sam said, “Alright, let’s make history.” Everyone nods. They dance their hearts out and they win the competition.

[Very End is also not thought of yet.]


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