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The Syndicate X Podcast is an experimental Podcast where I discuss movies, games and shows that interests me. As of right now I am in this solo. I never imaged that when I first started that I would gain the confidence to put something like this out there. I feel like I have a lot to offer, I just wish I was more witty in my delivery. Since this is mainly on YouTube and based on my current lack of growth I can't image having this gather much of a following. Ever since 2013 my blind optimism has shifted a harsh pessimistic outlook. I can't deny that this was around the time I became depressed because of my biggest failure being the thing I dreamed of doing for years which was to make Syndicate X a name a mass audience would recognize. I don't talk as any of my personas on YouTube being Mustached_Tom, Zeak Dartail the over confident call out leader, Kawaii Critic the cute stallion reviewer of My Little Pony content or his older more sophisticated brother Buck Business. I talk as me as much as possible and bring up things I love. I truly hope I can make this a weekly thing if anything else. I would love even more so if I could be part of a team. Within this first episode I find out that not have a studio really stinks. And being as pessimistic as I've become I constantly feel stuck no matter how hard I try. I'm don't think I'll ever receive guests or that either of my channels will grow based on how YouTube works now. I've simply become afraid of everything. However a small once of me does still carry optimism and that never give up attitude. I've already have had enough of some people saying I'd be a failure to figure they are right but I won't stop. A part of me can't. And it's because I have one dream. It's to see Syndicate become a movie. I think I have an absurd obsession with it being an animated book/video game adaption made a state that's never had a movie success and it also has as spoiler free trailer and even with all that still breaks everyone's expectation. Maybe I've gone mad in my pursuit of this dream. All I know is that I don't really have many other options. I never have and I might never have one if I stop. I'm confused, and depressed yet hopeful and eager to prove a true underdog story. So if you read this far please head over to the link here:

Check out my Podcast and please comment. I so desperately want to be part of a every growing fan base on my YouTube channel in general. I want to communicate back with anyone that has anything to say. This is just another chapter in my life and I hope it goes far.

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