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Who among you have watched the latest series of Marvel movies (If you raised your hand or silently said "me"... you tickle me)? Well then you might have noticed a common trend as of late. About half of the movies are good and the other half don't even pretend to know anything about the comic book which the movie is about. Many attributes can cause this effect, but we are a show and prove civilization and we are all looking directly at 20th Century Fox. Someone in the back of the room is saying, "What the siggity spo spos. 20th Century Fox has released classic comic book movies." To which I would ask, "which", and that person would then say something hilarious.

Honestly Fox has been making comic book fans extremely upset for a very long time. We gave them a pass on the animated series for both X-Men and Spider- Man because they basically just went word for word with the comic books that they are made from. However there has been a dark cloud and a wall between good and bad Marvel movies and it is primarily due to Fox's inability to share. The X-Men franchise has gone in a very confusing direction weaving through alternate dimensions and is focused in the past rather then current in the plots of the new movies. However the ages are not matching up and the plots are just losing the power keep fans happy because of the confusing nature of the past and present.

Hollywood = Sex and Action. Hey It's Cap as Johnny
Hollywood = Sex and Action. Hey It's Cap as Johnny

X-Men is not the only comic they have worked. The have the rights to The Fantastic Four (they also used to head operations for The Hulk). To say this in the kindest terms however their work is at best mediocre. The biggest issue in my personal opinion is they add too much Hollywood to an already unbelievable situation. The drama is minimal and the action is at an all time high. It's for the most part emotionless. Which for lack of a better term may be bad. It's like you're telling people who have lost some one near and dear to, "shut up and press on" like Game Of Thrones. Which is fine as long as they have proper back story to show why this person is this so damn cold, like they where beaten as a child, maybe even suicidal or homicidal... something, hell I'll even take, "before being a super hero so and so was a pimp, who only knew how to go hard on his [email protected]!, and get his money." However this much back story would take time away from the one hundred million dollars that Fox has spent on the climactic final battle of good vs evil! (whispers: eeeevvvillll...) OK, now that that's out of my system lets get to business.


Marvel was founded in it's current state by Stan Lee and company in 1961, with the publication of hundreds of characters (some of whom were larger than others), who were ultimately all part of of one huge universe. Primary revolving around The Avengers, X-Men, and Fantastic Four (who later becomes a part of The Avenger fold). The comics have basically cross checked as many of their projects as humanly possible. The ironic thing being that in order to make The Avengers whole the Marvel Universe would have to arrange a pairing with 20th Century Fox. Marvel since signing with Disney has made some of the more coherent movies with a larger plot line in the history of comic book movies. Their four phase 'Infinity War' plot has fans captivated and waiting for a movie that ties in (almost religiously). Even making names for comics that have had very little press before the release of the this series (like 'Guardians Of the Galaxy' and 'Ant-Man').


In the beginning of the year Sony Pictures and Marvel were both frustrated with the direction of one of their most promising projects inked a deal to collaborate on further movies, hints (wink wink) allowing Marvel to use Spider-Man in future Avenger movies. The end credits of "The Avengers: Age Of Ultron" featured a sneak peak at the web slinger, and had all of the internet in a celebration that could only usually come from the winning of some sort of shiney cup that symbolizes that they are the best at futball (or soccer). However this end scene was ultimately proven to be a hoax, but world have had fans marvelling at Marvels marvelous maneuver.


However the announcement did come with the news that there will be a brand new Spider-Man (sorry Andrew Garfield). While we are aware that British actor Tom Holland will play Spidey, Marvel has been very secretive about all the additional details of the movie/movies that Spider-Man will be involved in. Many believing that his onscreen debut can come as early as next years 'Captain America: Civil War'.

Twentieth Century Fox:

Fox has been in business for over 80 years which also means that they are what they call in Hollywood, "A gigantic [email protected] success." However they do have a knack for quitting on projects and throwing money on the wrong projects. The best example of both being their television branch. Cancelling cult classics like "Firefly", "Freaks and Geeks", "Undeclared", and "Family Guy" after a single season. However these injustices are not the topic of discussion even though I'm still rather upset that I never got a second season of "Quintuplets" (shaking fist forcefully).

Family Guy canceled 3 times by Fox
Family Guy canceled 3 times by Fox

Twentieth Century Fox has worked with Marvel since the first "Hulk" TV and movie series in the mid seventies. People still to this day believe them to be the best fit creatively for Marvel, however with over promoted and underwhelming ventures I feel a slight and quiet rage whenever a new Fox/Marvel movie is released (I know Eileen, I know). Since the release of the "X-Men" series starting in 2000 comic book hatred has been spawned anew pointing fingers at the whoever went into the project with the lack of knowledge needed for the movie to make sense. I however never faulted any company for X-Men's debut movie as I rather enjoyed it. However I didn't quite understand another movie they tied in with the brand. The opening to "X-2" was amazing then slowly stepped into what would be my entire world view of movies not produced FULLY by Marvel. I do owe an honorable mention to Columbia solely because of the hot mess that was "Ghost Rider".

How can these movies Improve?

I think it would be unfair and by unfair I mean unrealistic to ask that all Marvel movies be distributed through Marvel. However I kind of want to be on the front lines with picket signs and a blow horn after watching the latest "Fantastic Four" movie. A combination of these things would however be valid: Respect for the original concept, and an understanding that your fans actually pay to watch this product.
I would love to see a combination of two more factors: give it all back, and taking royalty as Marvel sees fit, but I have already covered the unrealistic.

Honestly these movies appear lost in production, consistency, and script although I did try to not make this a shoot statement, I'm aware that I may come off as unfair to Fox. However Its a long list of utterly disappointing projects, and I only hope that one day we can correct the issues that have blogs like this in need of being written. Let me hear your thoughts in the comment section below. I would have loved to insert a poll, but I'm not sure on what the topic should be. So if you have a suggestion please don't let my ranting stop you from making it a reality.


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